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Shining Stars and Morning Fog

With the Morning Fog necklace and earrings and the Shining Star outfit, I almost feel like I am wearing the weather report. Of course, the weather report never looked this cute. Still covering the Accessory Fair, I turned today to more casual, everyday jewelry. The Morning Fog set from Bliensen & MaiTai is definitely that. Pastel gems strung on a leader necklace and a crystal-studded hoops for the ears and wrists are delightfully feminine and decidedly casual.

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Ellie Cornelli

I love the name of the new blouse from Vanitas Vesture. It sounds like the name of some heroine in a children’s story who does daft things that turn out well. It also sounds like the name of that horror movie actress, but let me assure you, this shirt has nothing of horror about it. It’s made on all layers and sheer, though wearing two layers (as I am) gives you the opacity you want for public events. I am wearing it with the fabulous Anoorea skirt from MichaMi, a lovely high-waisted system skirt.

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