Monday night I was getting ready to shoot some photos for the blog and my friend Furrball came visiting. I decided I would shoot at EmVee Cuba because he had never seen it before, so off we went and I showed him round. He suggested shooting against this wall because of the contrast between the light terra cotta and aquamarine of the walls and the deek rich brick red of the skirt. He was so right. I love the way the colors bounce off each other.

The skirt is from Digit Darkes, one of the many color variations she offers in her Autumn Tulle series. This particular shade is called blood. I love the gradient shift from black to red down the length of the skirt. I love how it moves and shifts and seems almost a living thing.

I am wearting Ce Cubic Effects Fandango shirt with it.  Now I love their sculpted shirts and all, but this one is a work of art. Just look at those rumpled sleeves. A lesser artist would have just rolled the sleeves up with uniform neatness. Ce Cubic Effect’s genius is in recognizeing that we are not neat and precise, but messy and rumpled. I love that they get this and rumple us royally.

Jewelry is from MC Creations. I discovered this genius for the first time at the Jewelry Expo. I love expos for this very reason. I have blogged a few of the sets I picked up at the Expo and got a thank you IM from the creator who also sent along this lovely set as a thank you.  Like the other work from MC Creations, it’s delicate and stunning in detail. I wish you could see the earrings better, but I could not forego my favorite hair style when I put this outfit together. I think it’s more than obvious that I totally, truly and deeply love my Bishwear Toss Me Around hair. I just have to wear it at least once a week.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

I shot sooooo many photos and they are at Flickr.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: Glance Dita Eyeliner
  • Eyes:: EarthStones Moss Agate
  • Lashes:  CyberNetic
  • Nails: Bijous DeepDream Rouge
  • Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around
  • Top: Ce Cubic Effect Fandango Black/Red
  • Skirt: Digit Darkes Autumn Tulle – Blood
  • Shoes: Dela Stella Pumps Noir Red
  • Jewelry: MC Designs Enigma Gold Ruby
  • Poses: DDD

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