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What's in a name?

Juliet says, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Well, that’s true, certainly, as far as roses go. But if you were offered sight unseen to sniff a rose or a skunkweed, which would you choose? Names carry social and cultural cues which is why there’s so many ridiculous names of heroes in historical romance novels and why few people today name their daughter Ethel or Velma.  So, I am wondering why this sexy little mini-dress is named Clyde?  Sometimes I am curious how things get named. Perhaps it’s after the  Clyde Barrow, the romanticized bank robber of Bonnie & Clyde? Well, I don’t have to know to wear it and that which we call Clyde by any other name would look as sexy.

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Rocking It Old School

J’s Thigh High Boots are one of those can’t live without releases that just explode across the grid and everyone has them, wears them and looks rocking hot in them. Now, am not long enough in-world to actually remember the era when system boots were de riguer, but I have seen a few people call these old-school boots and if by old-school they mean high boots that fit, don’t bork when you walk and look hotter than cobra chili, well, give me old school. With it, I wore the lovely skirt and jacket from Doux Petit Dahl with a gorgeous mustard colored skirt that is made for fall. The off the shoulder jacket is delectable, though it did present some challenges in finding something to wear under it. Yes, I know, I could have worn nothing under it if I were not me.

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Flowers on Fire

Here’s another wardrobe staple, the LBD or Little Black Dress. One of the great features of the LBD is its ability to function as a frame for luscious jewelry which is what this dress from Skin Flicks is doing perfectly.

Dark Mouse was justly recognized as an outstanding new jeweler in the Best of SL awards and this is just one example of why. Her jewelry is quirky and original with a highly personal vision. She generally makes all her items in gold, silver and copper. This gold version has a black stone while the copper has a firey red and the silver a dark lapiz.

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Quick Look:Doux Petite

posted by Gidge Uriza

One of my favorite little boutique finds of late has been been Doux Petite which has a fun assort of casual wear, skins and now more boho style fashions.

This Boho Dress and crocheted stockings are absolutely perfect with Izumiya’s Saba sandals and all are at great prices that won’t break your bank for a different look than you might normally wear. Continue reading

Doux Petite

posted by Gidge Uriza

I wandered into a cute little shop called Doux Petite a while back, and was taken back by their fun summery dollarbie wall.  I thought I’d show you some fun things I picked up for free in the past couple weeks while home recouping. First off I’m wearing Kamian’s freebie shape. I like her bod but her face is a LITTLE sharper than my normal face. But she’s pretty! She’s kinda SULTRY And SERIOUS. 🙂

The jean shorts are offered with a variety of tops in sherbet colors, both the sweater and the tee above are offered in several variations, and for a linden who can argue? Continue reading

Come Out and Play

I spent a fun morning on the grid, running about, flying hither and thither, and shopping up a storm as well. I even stopped off for a bit of hide and seek in a trunk. Well, actually it’s a posing trunk I picked up at Attetuede where I found so many fun little animations and props that it was hard to choose only one. I have placed it in the Forest Box at MDR for folks to shoot. The outfit I picked up here, there and everywhere… and it’s perfect for play. In particular, the Athlete Heels from Redgrave add a playful bit of fun.

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Lush Lace

The fabulous cutwork and needle lace in Ivalde’s Kianne black dress is so intricate and lush that it reminds me of another era when clothing was well-made as a matter of course because people expected it to last. Having gone through a Depression and the war and war rationing, people invested in clothing and bought clothing that would last. The diametric opposite of the majority of clothing sold today with prints that are merely stamped on one side, not woven into the fabric and with narrow surger seams that tack clothing together with cheap plastic thread, ready to come undone in a heart beat. Grandchildren raiding our closets for finds from the past will have slim pickings.  Thankfully, in Second Life contemporary clothing won’t come apart at the seams and vintage clothing continues to reign in unfaded splendor.

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