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Hair Fair Designers — Alice Klinger


Alice Klinger self-portrait – 2013 wearing A&A Elven Hunter Hair in Dark Brown.


My first hair from Alli & Ali was in 2009, when the Darla hair took the fashionista world by storm. I think everyone I know bought that hair.

Since then, the brand has maintained its reputation for wild, exuberant hair that suits the bold, the outrageous and the wildest among us.




Alli&Ali Designs Dragon_004

Alli&Ali Designs Dragon

It’s Only Fashion: What’s the craziest thing you ever did in Second Life? Most exciting? Silliest? Is there a story you can share that captures your Second Life experience?

Alice Klinger: Probably being in SL as much as I am is the real crazy thing. I used to be there 20 hours every day when I started getting creative here, with only small coffee breaks, but recently learned to enjoy the real sun and my real garden again so, I have cut down on those all-nighters a bit. Continue reading

Rocking It Old School

J’s Thigh High Boots are one of those can’t live without releases that just explode across the grid and everyone has them, wears them and looks rocking hot in them. Now, am not long enough in-world to actually remember the era when system boots were de riguer, but I have seen a few people call these old-school boots and if by old-school they mean high boots that fit, don’t bork when you walk and look hotter than cobra chili, well, give me old school. With it, I wore the lovely skirt and jacket from Doux Petit Dahl with a gorgeous mustard colored skirt that is made for fall. The off the shoulder jacket is delectable, though it did present some challenges in finding something to wear under it. Yes, I know, I could have worn nothing under it if I were not me.

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