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It’s only green.


I’ve been redecorating my little slice of SL heaven, better known as a 1536 plot.  Well I’ve been redecorating it repeatedly actually.  I have an addiction to houses, skyboxes and furniture. At the moment, I’m on the ground.  While putzing around in my new Miel frock, I noticed that it looked nice with my house and land, and so, pictures were born. A couple of things I’d like to call out in the look beside the awesomely fun frock.  My necklace is from tea.s and the headband is the jelly glitter headband from Lark!  Continue reading

Form & Function


There are some things in SL that just strike my fancy.  The dress form is one of them. I love dress forms.  I love that creators are whimsical enough to create dress forms.  This month has seen an abundance of them.  Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude and Julliette Westerburg of Tres Blah both released dress forms as part of their Arcade Gacha items. Sienia Trevellion of Lark also released a lovely dress form and I pulled an older version that I’m particularly fond of out of my inventory, one by Theosophy’s Trace Osterham.

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A walk in the woods


Hi there, I’m Mouse Mimistrobell, and I guess this would be my first post on It’s Only Fashion!  I like clothes, I like fashion and so, Cajsa and Gidge were lovely enough to invite me to post on their blog quite a while ago.  So even though I am embarrassed to take so long, I finally got down to it.  I was inspired by a couple of things, and being a slow burn, it takes me a while to have all the pieces come together. I picked up this sweater at the dressing room, and held on to it for a bit.  Something about the yellow and animal print appealed to me, though I hate the alpha. Of course I hate all alphas, so it’s not a deal breaker.  A couple of days later, I saw a pair of jeans on sale and they were peach!  Well they also seemed to work anyways, so I kept going with it. Then I pulled out a Tres Blah skin that looked ‘just a tad’ tarty, and wow the whole thing just worked, and there you go.  I took these pictures in a gorgeous sim that was the first one I came across in the SL Destination Guide today. Yeah, I’m creative like that! I called it a walk in the woods after a favorite old children’s book of mine, and I imagine it’s a late spring evening, chilly enough for a scarf. I hope you like!

mouse_yellow2 mouse_yellow5

What I’m wearing:

HOC Industries – Maryjanes Shoe
fri. – Basic.Cami (White) –
[[Mozz]] Lashes – 03
cheLLe – (eyeliner) Adele Coal
“”D!va”” Hair “Sayaka3” (Type B)(Onyx)
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Carlotta Square Ring in Variety Yellow
/artilleri/ Taylor scarf STRIPES (chest) *peach/yellow*
Crayo Jeans “peach” L – even.flow
La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (not available)
{SMS} Simple Cardigan Rose Leo M
-tb- Gatcha Skin: Rare – Dark Brows
Shine Monet Pewter – eyes

Shining in Vintage


The Mesh Button Vest from Shine is all kinds of wonderful. I love its glittery goodness in every color. I had the hardest time choosing which to wear especially since the Seberg Pants from Ingenue seemed made for them and came in a rainbow of colors that could coordinate with any of the vests. Such a quandary, but I ended up choosing the Teal because who doesn’t love teal?

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Do you believe InMonster(s)?


I love finding a new (to me) store at events like Vintage Fair. It’s a double bonus when their designs are fresh, high fashion styles that make me happy. InMonster certainly does that. There’s so much to love about this dress, from the bright scarlet lace to the structure cap sleeves. I definitely will be keeping my eyes out for more from this high fashion brand.

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Surfin’ Safari

faMESHed G. Field

GField made a gorgeous swimsuit for faMESHed. It’s sassy and oh, so adorable. It comes in four gorgeous summer colors so you always have one to wear while the others are drying.

faMESHed G. Field

I had to try out the fun pose set with props from oOo Studio for Vintage Fair – so I popped over to the Second Life Surfing Association’s sim and paddled out to catch some waves. Continue reading

Charity Never Looked So Good


The Second Life® community never stands still and it never stands by either. There’s always someone with the energy and courage to step up and do something when something needs to be done. So, now we have more than one charitable event going on at the same time. What to do? Why, shop of course. And why not put together an outfit highlighting items from both events just for fun. That’s what I have done here with items from Vanitas Vesture and Kouse’s Sanctum for Fashion For Life and from Peqe for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.


Now, while you are admiring the front view of this gorgeous jacket and texturing details in the skirt and top, I want to take a moment to remind you that the donations are from the creators. If you are getting clothing at the market value at a charitable event, you are not donating, you are shopping. I just think it’s useful to remind ourselves of that when we get ideas about how events should do this or that differently. The donation is coming from the participants who have the energy, talent and courage to put themselves out there on behalf of charities. The rest of us, including me, can support their donations by buying stuff, but we are getting our money’s worth.

Since CNN pulled one sentence out of the paragraph above, some people who did not read the post have gotten the impression that I think our participation in charity events does not count.  As you can see from what is bolded, that is not true. However,  the key ingredient to conflict is isolating an opinion from context to make it more polarizing, which is what happened, unintentionally as it probably is.  No fundraising event can happen without the synergy between the people who contribute items to sell and those who buy. Much of the shopping is motivated by the desire to support the effort and to raise funds and people often buy more than they planned.  I know I sure do.

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Fashion For Life – Shiki Designs


Shinichi Mathy of Shiki Designs always makes interesting clothes with a singular element that takes them in an unpredictable direction. For example, the addition of fur at the shoulders adds quirky interest to this lovely alencon lace dress. Shinichi is just one of the many Japanese designers who have generously participated in the Fashion For Life show.

I find myself often thinking about those Second Life friends and acquaintances in Japan and wondering how they are doing. Shinichi’s associate reports that he is fine, which is great news. So far, everyone seems to be doing okay. I find myself thinking about “Everything In Its Path” a book about the aftermath of the Buffalo Creek flood. The author explains with great compassion about the ways natural disaster traumatizes in ways that are not first seen – and most especially through loss of community. The evacuation, the loss of neighbors, habits, of the everyday. It is an incredible book and you can even read the author’s findings in a document downloadable from FEMA. While the ongoing crisis captures our attention now, especially since the damage keeps escalating with nuclear plants and more aftershocks, we should all know that it will take a long, long time to recover a sense of normality again.

I took the photos at the Fashion For Life event. I cannot encourage you enough to go and see these builds. They are just so amazing. I love seeing how the builders translate the different photographers’ aesthetics to architecture and landscaping. It really is a tour de force and you should not deprive yourself of the experience.
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Things My Brother Taught Me


All my siblings were married by the time I was four years old and for some of them I was a sort of “practice child” that they spoiled with attention. My elder brother and his wife often had me spend weekends with them where I learned to play horseshoes, shoot pool and throw darts. I also learned how to shoot a rifle, hand load bullets and even aim and fire a cannon. He and his wife taught me ballroom dancing, poker and craps.When I was older, he taught me how to drive his stock car. He took me deer hunting, fishing and taught me to swim. He introduced me to dozens of books and encouraged my love of reading. So much of who I am comes from my siblings, not just him, but all of them. But my other siblings will be around to teach their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and my brother won’t. He died of cancer a year ago last July. Too may children lose the gifts of grandparents and family elders to teach them. The work of the American Cancer Society to find cures for cancers is invaluable. And it’s working, Four times as many people survive cancer as did forty years ago. So, let’s keep supporting this good work with events like Fashion For Life – and if support means wearing a rocking hot outfit like this one, how can you resist?
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Fashion For Life & Why We Give


There are probably as many reasons for why we give as there are designers at Fashion For Life. Many give because it gives them a sense of worth and satisfaction to help others. Some give specifically to efforts that help fulfill their lives goals and passions. Others want to make a difference in the world, to know their life had meaning in the broader world outside their friends and family. Many give to advance their cultural and political values. Others give to be part of a community and to join with others who share their interests. Others because they feel a sense of responsibility to their community. Some give because they wish to lead. Others give to say thank you. Many give to memorialize and honor loved ones. Whatever their motivation, I am grateful that so many are motivated to spend hours creating beautiful designs to offer as gifts to support cancer research. When you go to the Fashion For Life event, look for the Fashion For Life vendors. 100% of the purchase price goes to the American Cancer Society. At Fashion For Life, you could be motivated to give for a multitude of reasons, but looking at dresses like this one from Nicky Ree, I think we need to add “looking good” to the list of motivations.

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