Living Ornamentally

Ah, the luxury that a Second Life provides us. Our avatars are always healthy and whole unless we choose to wear some skin with bruises, add a broken arm prim or sit in a wheelchair. We can even wear avatars with the chest open exposing our broken hearts. However, all these are optional and can be cast off with a quick right click of the mouse.  First life doesn’t give us that option.  If your heart is broken, it takes time and tears to heal. If it’s damaged, it can be replaced, but it takes much more than a mouse click. Now one of our own needs a new heart and everything is in place except the money.  It should instill all of us with a sense of urgency that only $2500 could save her life.   If 1000 people gave 650 lindens to one of the donation boxes in Second Life, a woman, someone whose work we see on the feeds, will get a Real Life Second Life. How cool is that?

Now I don’t know Shir Dryke, though I am wearing her lingerie at the moment.  However, there is one thing I know with certainty and that is the truest words ever written were written by John Donne.

No man is an island, entire of itself
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
if a clod be washed away by the sea,Europe is the less…
any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
it tolls for thee.

I sincerely believe we are all diminished by injustice, whether it’s the huge injustices of famine, illegal warfare and occupation and genocide or the small domestic injustices of hungry children, homeless families and the immoral rationing of health care.  It’s a privilege, then, when we have an opportunity to overcome one injustice – no matter how small and domestic the matter.  When we act to help another, we are our own beneficiary because we are all part of that same island called humanity. That’s why I never think of this as an act of charity. How can it be charity when we benefit so richly?

Okay, I confess that this is an idiosyncratic viewpoint. If you don’t agree and don’t feel charitable, well you can still help and help yourself by buying wonderful clothes like this adorable lingerie set with the dragonflies. You can also buy special clothing and skins that several content creators are making as part of the Heart of Love event. For details, read more about it here.

Dot Lane, Girl Reporter, writes more eloquently than me. Read what she has to say here. Ketsy from SL Fashion Addict shows some other Ornamental Life clothing here.

****STYLE NOTES******
No promotional items are worn in this outfit.

  • Poses: Boudoir Rouge
  • Skin: Chai Double Shot Cleavage Peaches
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Sunny Glade
  • Lashes: Dernier Cri Adriane
  • Hair: Calico Creations Sivvy
  • Nails: Symphony Nails
  • Lingerie: Ornamental Life Annyka on Tuesdays – Amsterdam Morning
  • Shoes: Aphrodite Creations Rosette Fire
  • Jewelry: Dex’s Jewelry 7 Color Dragonfly Set in gold

One thought on “Living Ornamentally

  1. Saiyge

    Beautifully done.

    I on the other hand, do know Shir, and she is one of the sweetest people in SL. Very humble, very quiet. I am so glad that another of her friends brought this issue to light… I honestly dont think alot of us would have heard about the details of what was happening otherwise.

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