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Long-Legged Mini

Skin Flicks has released a bunch of minidresses that will make your legs look like the go on forever.  They’re a bit short for my usual taste, but are made quite well and are different enough from most minis to be really interesting. For example, the lace-up bodice on this one is repeated with a lace-up side seam on the skirt.

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Looking for Gold

The other day I was shopping at Adam N Eve, looking to see if their made their wonderful high-waisted leather skirt in gold as well as silver. They don’t, I want. I wanted to wear it with this top – a blouse I love with reservations. It’s a gorgeous design, I love the intricate black on black embroidery and would wear it more often if it were not sold on only the jacket layer. I would like to tuck it in sometimes.  I would like to wear it under a jacket sometimes. It’s a constant refrain from those of us who write about fashion, give us more layers. Continue reading

Living Ornamentally

Ah, the luxury that a Second Life provides us. Our avatars are always healthy and whole unless we choose to wear some skin with bruises, add a broken arm prim or sit in a wheelchair. We can even wear avatars with the chest open exposing our broken hearts. However, all these are optional and can be cast off with a quick right click of the mouse.  First life doesn’t give us that option.  If your heart is broken, it takes time and tears to heal. If it’s damaged, it can be replaced, but it takes much more than a mouse click. Now one of our own needs a new heart and everything is in place except the money.  It should instill all of us with a sense of urgency that only $2500 could save her life.   If 1000 people gave 650 lindens to one of the donation boxes in Second Life, a woman, someone whose work we see on the feeds, will get a Real Life Second Life. How cool is that?

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Audrey Dress by DP


Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

I love retro prints. They are bright, cheerful and full of whimsy. The Audrey Dress is as whimsical as they come and just wearing it lifts my mood. Not only that, I was going shopping. I just wish clothes shopping worked the way grocery shopping does. You know what I mean, if I eat a snack before shopping for groceries, I can walk right past all the temptations and leave the store spending no more than I planned. But….no matter how well I dress, no matter how chic I feel, those clothing store temptations can reel me in. Nonetheless, I dress up for shopping….just in case it might work one day and save my wallet a few lindens.

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Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Meh! I loved the pants more in the store than when I got them home. But, you know what, I will love them again the next time I wear them because now everything fits. CeCubic has wonderful, innovative clothing – prim clothing like no other. I applaud their creativity and genius and I have a lot of their work.

I have one overriding complaint that puts me off, though. Every outfit I have purchased has required too much time fitting  – often 30 to 40 minutes. The prim pieces are sold in such small sizes as to be unworkable. I am not outsized at all. In fact, in many situations, I am the shortest in the room as I don’t strive for model height…so the one thing I don’t expect is to put on a belt that is less than half the size of my waist. Thankfully, it’s a modifiable so eventually everything fits and then I can enjoy the design and the flair these clothes bring. But….I should not have to work that hard.

Shape: Melli2 by hatchy
Skin: Este Tropicana by Imagen
Hair: Jojo by Calico Creations
Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
Jewelery: Boho Chakra in Forest by Earthstones
Top: wanna flow by Tres Blah
Pants: Sarrouel(Gray) by !_Ce Cubic effect

Grace by Cachet

Back View

This is a dress I got just to show off these pearls from Muse. Yes, the dress is elegant and gorgeous, but it’s all about the pearls. The thing is, folks, you have to appreciate the craft that lead to the design of a  dress that is beyond perfect for showing off elegant jewelry.

More photos on Flickr

Photographer/Model: Cajsa Lilliehook
Shape: melli2 by hatchy
Skin: Este Valentina by Imagen
Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
Hair: Jojo by Calico Creations
Necklace: Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace (white pearl/gold clasp) By Muse
Earrings & Bracelet: Claris Pearl in Gold By Muse
Dress: Grace by Cachet

Shoes: Metallic Pumps by Detour