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One For JC and The Boys

posted by Gidge Uriza

I decided that there was no better casual Sunday look than a big honkin graphic of the lamb of God to wear with some capri’s.  Why I decided this is simple – I put on these cute capri’s from Artilleri and then searched TOP  in my inventory hunting up something new.


I actually couldn’t remember what these “JC” shirts were from Lelutka but I figured they might do with the capris. Imagine my giggle when the Lord showed up on them. Continue reading

Ornamental Cleavage

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sometimes I don’t realize how smexy a shirt is. For instance, I bought this one solely to match this skin I picked up and thought, “this’ll be a great contrast.”

Ahem. Well, it’s obviously a beautiful sweater, rich in color great details.

And MAN is it boobariffic. Continue reading