Rocking It Old School

J’s Thigh High Boots are one of those can’t live without releases that just explode across the grid and everyone has them, wears them and looks rocking hot in them. Now, am not long enough in-world to actually remember the era when system boots were de riguer, but I have seen a few people call these old-school boots and if by old-school they mean high boots that fit, don’t bork when you walk and look hotter than cobra chili, well, give me old school. With it, I wore the lovely skirt and jacket from Doux Petit Dahl with a gorgeous mustard colored skirt that is made for fall. The off the shoulder jacket is delectable, though it did present some challenges in finding something to wear under it. Yes, I know, I could have worn nothing under it if I were not me.

Under the jacket, I wore a corset from Ornamental Life – a store that has closed as its designer Shir Dryke has left SL. The phenomenal jewelry is from Dark Mouse. Honestly, Mouse Mimistrobell has gone too far. She sent out November jewelry releases that included too many sets that are too good so I spent 30 or more minutes dithering, trying to decide what to wear. I wanted to wear them all. I certainly will wear them all in coming weeks, but someone has to talk to Mouse about going too far overboard creating too much that is too good so that we are paralyzed with indecision. I think you might doubt me, but you cannot doubt your eyes. Take a look at Lizzie’s Breasts and Baubles post and you will understand what I mean when I say creativity overdose.

Seriously, these boots are rocking hot. That luscious hair is Darla, by the way, a romantic curly mop of hair from Alli & Ali – found thanks to Gogo. I love riotous curls that don’t go digging into my torso.

Hmmm, does skin get better than this?

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: PXL July SK CE Passion R
  • Eyes: PXL Creations Glow Yellow Green R
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: Alli & Ali Darla Hair
  • Jacket: Doux Petit Dahl Lil Cover Up
  • Corset: Ornamental Life Remembering Chloe
  • Skirt: Doux Petit Dahl High Waist Layer Skirt
  • Boots: J’s Thigh High Boots
  • Jewelry: Dark Mouse Wild Leaves Set R


5 thoughts on “Rocking It Old School

  1. Mouse

    LOL – and here I was feeling like I was not releasing at the proper SL pace – I’ll be sure to not feel like I have to keep up with the Jones! Thank you for the lovely words and pics, Cajsa.

  2. Lizzie Lexington

    “if by old-school they mean high boots that fit, don’t bork when you walk and look hotter than cobra chili, well, give me old school.”

    AMEN to that Sister! I love those boots – the question is can I possibly nerds those up, ha!

  3. Lola

    I think your blog is great. I really do. You always offer insightful posts. But at the end of your posts, you also always have these enormous, blown up pictures of your avatar’s face with really unsightly shadows and distorted pixellation on your lips, etc. It makes every skin you wear look like crap. Please reconsider this.

  4. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    Thanks, everyone, even Lola. I disagree with you about the closeups, though. I like shadows and find the shadowless settings dull and flat. To each her own, though.

  5. Harper

    There was Frankie Lyman-Bobby Fuller-Mitch Ryder
    (They were Rockin’)
    Jackie Wilson-Shangra-las-Young Rascals
    (They were Rockin’)
    Spotlight on Martha Reeves
    Let’s don’t forget James Brown
    Rockin’ in the U.S.A.

    “Hotter than cobra chili” is so right! You need more than 5 stars for this article. I gotta remember those boots!!

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