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Quick Look: DDStyle for Couture of Hope

I had an adventurous day, making my first trip to the grocery store in over six months. Even though my friend did all the work and I just drove one of those electric go-carts, it still wore me out so this is a quick, short post with not much more than pictures.
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House of Dashwood for Couture of Hope


The Avenue Couture of Hope fundraiser for Relay For Life is chock full of beautiful designs – which is fitting since hope is a beautiful thing. I particularly love the bodice on this gorgeous dress from House of Dashwood. Appropriately named Serapina after the angels, it’s a lovely and angelic white dress with lovely flowing tulle panels that bring to mind the wings of the seraphim.
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Sweetest Goodbye added a touch of whimsy to the glamour that has been the driving theme of Avenue’s Couture of Hope event for Relay For Life. When I saw the outfit I had two contrasting images come to mind. Marlene Dietrich who delighted in dressing in tuxedos and top hats and the props from the first Designers United event last year with the Vaudeville theme. I ran with both ideas at once because I lack discipline.
The pose box, hat and cane were all produced by /me for Designers United Vaudeville. Since the event is over and it’s no longer available, if someone wants to use it to snap a picture, just IM me and I will rez it at Glookbone and drop you a LM.
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Orage Creations for Couture of Hope

I first saw this dress when Orage Creations designer Elettra Gausman posted a picture of it on Facebook. The intricate lace of the skirt made me think of gossamer and of fabric woven from spider webs, it is that fine and that delicate. Its delicacy is stunning.
Inspired by the idea of hope, Elettra added some glowing kinetic hearts that swirl around since love is one of the building blocks of hope. In order to hope, we need to love ourselves and our lives, so it seemed very fitting.
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Azoury for Couture of Hope

I was very intrigued by the design from Azoury France for Couture of Hope. The dress is named La Tenue Lavande or the Lavender Dress. Just that alone is intriguing since it is not lavender in color. Most intriguing, though, is the sculpted skirt and the fine details in its construction. From the felted denim of the skirt, the sculptural shaping of the skirt to the leather laced embellishments, it’s a dress designed to not only please, but to make you curious.
Some may ask why. Fashion asks why not. My apologies to George Bernard Shaw.
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Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

I uploaded this windlight setting. The download link is further down in the post.

Avenue’s Couture of Hope fashion extravaganza for Relay for Life opens today at noon SLT. The 40 participating designers were asked to create a piece that embodies their vision of a “season of hope.” Entre Mares created this stunning piece that immediately brought Emily Dickinson’s beautiful poem to mind. Hope is the thing with feathers...

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