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IFW10 – Lusts of the Flesh

In addition to getting a concentrated does of high fashion and raising funds for charity, events like International Fashion Week also introduce us to new creators – perhaps not new to the grid, but new to us. This IFW10 I discovered more than one new-to-me designer, but only one was also a new-to-me word – Convoitise. So I had to look it up and while it can mean covet or desire, I had to go with the last one for the blog title in light of the micro-mini but macro-sexy dress from Convoitise.

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IFW10 – Balancing Act

Today’s the last day of International Fashion Week, which come to think of it, should probably be International Fashion Long Weekend or International Fashion Four Days. I wish it were a week – which would give me more days to spread out my posts about the designs I want to highlight – so I am not posting 4 times in one day. But I suppose there’s reasons for a shorter event – events like these are often balancing acts of meeting competing needs such as finding good times for people from around the world to participate in an event that spans every time zone.  So in honor of all the concerns of designers, customers, bloggers, models and anyone else that must be juggled by event organizers, I thought I would shoot this dress from Orage Creations in Olive Juice’s Ball Pit – where there are many balls in the air – and they are in very delicate balance.

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IFW10 – All the Pretty Little Horses

Hybrid Ansar sent me the best gift in Second Life on Friday – a notecard full of places she likes for taking photos that I will be incorporating into my own notecard. When I put on the La Memoire dress from Aleida for International Fashion Week, I wanted shoot it someplace really different and found that at Drill Factory where high in the sky there is an inspired merry-go-round that is the Merry-Go-Round of  Dreams.

It’s an amazing site and I will definitely go back to explore the many hubs and stations of this galactic carnival at Drill Factory.

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IFW10 – Lazing by the Pond

Yes, me again! I know I am posting several posts today and I will post several tomorrow as well. International Fashion Week is only 4 days and there’s just so much fashion joy to celebrate. This time I want to celebrate the summer scrumptiousness that is Shiki’s Pink Fantasy.

I hopped over to Vie Privee – a new place introduced to me by Hybrid Ansar who sent me a lovely list of LMs to explore.

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IFW10 – Floralie

So I went to Elephant Walk to shoot this flamboyantly floral Floralie gown from A La Folie  for IFW10 thinking I would perch by the peacock and snap while he walks by with this tail flourished as the train is flourished on the dress. Well, he did walk by, I snapped, but after 45 minutes and dozens of refreshed failed snaps, I have to confess that I was out outwitted, outplayed and outlasted by a pixel peacock. Yes, I finished the shoot with out the flouishes² and left the island. The peacock is the sole survivor (well with miscellaneous toucans, wild felines, monkeys and other wildlife.

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IFW10: Going to the Chapel

Second Life has created a transnational community that illustrates on a daily basis that the people of the world have more that binds us together than divides us.  Some of  those ties are frivolous such as excitement over the World Cup and love of fashion and music. There are also more profound bindings as well – such as the certain fact that all of us have someone in our lives affected by cancer. No wonder, then, that Relay For Life is such a huge series of events over the course of the year.  This weekend, International Fashion Week features 20 designers – and all have a unique design on auction to raise funds for RFL. Of course, there are all sorts of other fabulous creations there such as this gown I am teasing you with.

Meanwhile, it’s Relay Weekend and as part of that the fabulous St. Illuninatious Cathedral is also on auction.  Now, some might find it sad that one of the strongest forces unifying people in Second Life is cancer, but that’s not quite accurate. The strongest force unifying people in Second Life is hope – the hope that working together they can defeat cancer.

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IFW10 – Queen of the Jungle

When I saw the Safari Dress from ROC (Ranena Olivier Couture) at International Fashion Week, my first thought was “Sheena Queen of the Jungle.” So were my second, third and fourth thoughts. This is one hot steamy jungle dress and I knew I wanted to shoot it someplace fierce. With the great timing of Second Life Serendipity, Hybrid Ansar dropped a notecard with some of her favorite landmarks on me yesterday, so I had to see if there was someplace fierce on the list. Oh, my, there surely was.

So here I am at the fierce, fierce, fierce Scorched Earth where you can find an amazing butte that glistens and an active volcano and some eerie fires and the scorched remains of fallen forests. I suppose with the forest burned, that’s why I could not find any leopards to pose with my leopard skin dress – they do like trees, you know.

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IFW10: White on White on White

One of the exciting finds at IFW10 was Purple Moon’s Uma gown that includes wildly avant garde white hair. That inspired me to multiply the white elements to the ultimate degree. Not only are the clothing and accessories white, but the skin is porcelain, but trumping all that, I used Dare’s White poses. Now, I confess I chose them for the conceit of a multiplicity of White, but also because they are highly editorial and would add to that sensibility for the shoot.

I hopped on over to The Quiet – and found a quiet corner. The starkness of the landscape adds a dramatic element that always draws me in.

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IFW10 – Cloud Nine

International Fashion Week 2010 sponsored by Glance Internation began today and will continue through the 18th with 5 fashion shows each day. Can you imagine the excitement and all the great fashion on display? Just to give you an idea, take a look at this IFW10 Exclusive design from G Sloane Couture. It’s called Cloud Nine and wearing makes a person feel like they are floating on Cloud Nine with its fresh creme de menthe color that should make even the Grinch smile.

The dress is a hot weather and sunshine dress and made me think of villas and sunshine and the Greek islands and so I went to Armenelos – a new sim in the multi-sim Calas Galadhon parks. Yes, parks created just for people to enjoy – no stores, no rentals, just pure pleasure.  It’s a beautiful complex if white stucco houses with stairs and sidewalks that wind and meander like an ancient village up the mountain. It’s pure pleasure which means it’s a Greek version of Cloud Nine.

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