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Modavia Fashion Week #13


Monday’s shows began with FineSmith with their trademark avant garde jewelry. The Noir collection is an intriguing combination futurism and the baroque. The actual metal pieces are highly stylized, clean-lined and futuristic, but they are coupled with lace collars that have a baroque sensibility in their lavish ornamentation.

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Week 18 – Ecru

I’m almost caught up.. YaY… So, for Week 18 of the 52 Weeks of Color, we have Ecru.  I’m sure I have a lot of it in my inventory, its just not called Ecru and I didn’t feel like searching very hard, so I went to the Marketplace and typed in Ecru and found this sexy lil’ crocheted number from Indyra.

Style Notes:

Dress:  Indyra – Sienna Crochet Cocktail Gown

Shoes:  N-core – AURA, Champagne

Hair:  Truth – Evie, Auburn

Skin:  Belleza – Erika SK0 and Erika SK lips 3

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – October Wind (m) bright (FFL)

All Poses:  Z&S


I should TOTALLY get Tom Bergeron in to do these posts. He’s all about the results shows.
Let’s hear it for MONIQ SALAMANDER who knew that I was wearing……

****STYLE NOTES******
Skin: PXL Creations – Dafne – Natural Tone – Medium Eyebrows – Wine Lips
Eyes: Amacci
Lashes: MiaMai – Les Makeups Lashes 15 Tattoo Layer Lashes
Hair: Truth – Gigi – Ivory
Top: Miamai – Ananee Jackets (Orchid, Purple, ans Azure)
Pants: Miamai – Labelle Pants Black
Shoes: Indyra Originals Mischief Wedge
Rings: Callie Cline – The Rock
Earrings:Bliensen + MaiTai
Manicure: PXL Manicure
Tail: Psychotic Neko/Callie Cline – Extreme Tail

Moniq will be getting the 1000L gift card to Miamai and also let’s don’t forget the two awesome folks who also commented, Persephone Vlodovic and Victoria Sabra, both of whom get a pose pack from GESTICULATE! YAY!

And all you guys who sent me NCs in world INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS AND LEAVING IT IN THE COMMENTS, well you get one too bcse I love you for playing along regardless.

Stay tuned for next week’s installment. Who KNOWS who I’ll be wearing?


The One Where I ALMOST Do No Hunts In 2010

I did this hunt with a couple of friends last year. You had to pay to get in. I ended up with a bajillion items and really, I was just kind of overwhelmed with all of it.
Thus, I vowed no hunts till 2011.
However, then Sileny blogged these pants.

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posted by Gidge Uriza

I received the Minerva Dress and the coordinating Porto Nova jewelry from Indyra Originals a while back and I have to confess that, like the day I got my FIRST ever review copies – I jumped out and did a dance around the room.

Why? Well………because like Digit Darkes, Indyra Originals was one of my first loves. It was a store I couldn’t afford and the store I got my FIRST EXPENSIVE dress from, a gift from a friend I miss – to wear to a formal Mardi Gras event. I had actually SEEN it in Second Style Magazine and a bunch of my old friends were going to a big fancy event & poor Gidgy didn’t have anything to wear. My friend Jennifer Lemmon bought me the dress and after wandering around the store, I was addicted. Continue reading

A Trip Around the World

Can I just say I love, love, love the themes of this year’s Relay for Life Clothing Fair? It was wonderful to travel round the world from New Delhi (shown here) to Paris to London and Tokyo and on to 8 of the world’s great cities. I also liked that the fashions more or less suited the locations. Lots of punk fashions in London, silks and saris in New Delhi, swimwear in Rio and so on. OF course, not all the clothes are location-specific – people often design a wide array within one clothing line. Nonetheless, the subtle changing fashions from sim to sim were wonderful to see.

My outfit came from different stores on different sims, but I thought New Delhi was the perfect place to wear it. It’s a mix of Indyra Originals and INDI Designs and in the folder of items I purchased at the Clothing Fair happened to sit next to each other alphabetically. How fated is that?

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Mix N Match Fun:Inspired by Fun New Hair from Simply Britnee

posted by Gidge Uriza

I got this fun new hair from Simply Britnee – Bday 2 – and after trying on every single colour I was feeling the brunette within me. Plus, I had this sudden urge to dig in my inventory and see what shook out.

I AM Able To Wear These Boots Clothed, Also

The high waisted skirt from Luck Inc put me in a piratey sort of mind and it was a short walk to a piece from Indyra Originals – part of her Armada outfit. I just needed the blouse.  I was going to wear the jacket but I was in more a poofy shirt kind of place. Continue reading

I Love Rock & Roll

Oh, the Malice dress from Indyra Originals is quite the twofer. You see, you have a choice of wearing the sheer version (shown) or the opaque version. Feeling like a rocker, I went for the sheer version since it’s not too sheer and is discreet in all the right places. Putting it one, I felt like I was ready to join Joan Jett, Krissy Hynde or Patti Smith and rock out. Well, if I could only sing, that is.

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Ok I Admit It,I'm a Cybertease

posted by Gidge Uriza

What are YOU gonna do about it – anyway?


This gorgeous dress is from one of my favorite designers, one on the short list of places I’d always shop no matter what – Indyra Originals. This and many other amazing pieces were shown today at the 2010 THE FUTURE IS NOW show at the Greenies Home.

What is brilliant about cyberfashion vs. RL fashion is that while watching RL experimental fashion design we can all say “That’s cool, too bad no one could actually WEAR it anywhere” and in our little pixel world – we can simply wear it where ever we like.

Such as this piece,which I suspect I might not take off any time soon. I think it should have a weapon. Or Two.

This dress makes such a powerful statement, I feel like I’m about to seduce someone – or kick their ass. Or both. I’m not sure which one would come first.

Style Notes:

**Bold R Indicates a Review Item**

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – KA  Skins – Bardot – Sally Sunkissed R
  • Hair – Wasabi Pills – Lulu Hair
  • Dress – Indyra Originals – Mareta Imperiale R
  • Boots – Indyra Originals – Discipline Boots R
  • Gloves – Urban Agenda – Driving Gloves  R
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields

I bet you thought I could only style Barbie Dolls – didn’t you Fucker?

Think of All The FUN I've Missed!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Think of All the Fellas That I HAVEN’T Kissed!

– Santa Baby

This festive sweater from Khush is a great Christmas gift that I’ve unwittingly used to continue our red and black theme! Great minds think alike, I suspect. This is just a quickie tonight as I’m busy busy but wanted to show you this fun piece from a creator that is relatively new to me.

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