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It's a Matter of Perspective


I was getting read to shoot this outfit when Gidge and I went shopping. After a bit of a spree, we headed over to Collabor88. Now I thought I had put together a pretty good outfit, but I had that affirmed with a massive compliment when out of the blue a total stranger asked if she could shoot my look for her blog. Of course I said yes! I still hadn’t settled on earrings yet, but I was close to done.

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Hey, can I borrow your store for a minute?

I have been frantically updating the blogroll. You see it over there on the right? It’s so much shorter now because I have shifted the links to Blogging Second Life, a companion site to It’s Only Fashion. This will make our blog load more quickly while still making sure all the links are available if you need them. It also allows me to provide more useful information, such as the name behind the blog, the store, and marketplace links. If I knew how to integrate two themes on one site, I would have kept it right here, but that’s above my pay grade. I hope you check it out and add missing information in the comments there.

While working on this project, more than once I came upon a store blog that required an in-world visit to complete the information. One such was MMGrafitti’s store blog. It’s possible all the information is on his blog, but it’s in Japanese and even Google Translate cannot answer every question.  I am happy I checked it out, though, because it was such a fun home and decor store that I had to shoot some pictures there. Seriously, when it’s time to shoot some photos in the snow, I am definitely taking pictures at the snow cabin. It has footprints in the snow on the porch!!!


The weather has turned colder in real life and that has me reaching for warmth in Second Life. How silly is that? Still, any excuse to wear this marvelous fur from Baiastice. Sissy Pessoa has release two new jackets in four different furs. This is the short black fur and while she may have squeezed and skinned some pixels, no animals were harmed. I am wearing it over a magnificent blue python dress from R.icielli released for Modavia Fashion Week. I love the blue color and its overall look and don’t mind the seams not lining up as it makes it seem like python skin rather than a python-print fabric. The dress comes with shoes and earrings and that magnificent belt.

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Fashion That Excites


The runway show from SHI was one of the most exciting at Modavia Fashion Week – because the clothes were clothes we hadn’t seen before in Second Life. There were stunning pieces and one of my favorites was this marvelous top, jacket and shorts with leggings from SHI. Who knew shorts could be so elegant? And that jacket, that jacket is one that can be worn so many ways.

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Marvelous Night for a Moondance


Donna Flora's Dancing was made to be worn in the moonlight, its silk sheen reflecting the moon as you dance among the stars.

Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
‘Neath the cover of October skies

And all the leaves on the trees are fallin’
To the sound of the breezes that blow
An’ I’m trying to please to the callin’
Of your heart strings that play soft and low

And all the nights magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush
Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?
Can I just make some more romance with you, my love?

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I Am Easily Amused


Seriously, I got far too much of a kick at wearing L’Abel at La Perla – an la-diculous la-incidence that more mature people would not even notice. Oc course, I am one of those people who can get fixate on a word and play with it, pulling it apart, removing the wheels and inspecting the undercarriage. I keep a dictionary for bathroom reading. My college offered a Linguistics major and though it was not my major, I spent many hours in the Word Room where my incipient love of words deepened into a life time love affair. L’Abel is a perfect store name for me, a neologism that references the creator’s name (Neferia Abel) and makes light fun of the emphasis on labels and branding in fashion marketing. It’s sly, clever and witty. Speaking of sly, clever and witty, what about that hat?

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You never know what might happen or who you might meet


I had a little adventure shooting this picture. It began with a bit of SL wanderlust that had me wanting to find uncharted territories. I opened up the map and moved the slider so that I could distinguish individual sim terrain colors but not the sim details – about the size of my little fingernail. I was going map hopping. When I go map hopping, the only criteria I have for choosing a sim is that the surface is different from the default grass and sand. It can have darker grass and whiter sand and I am there, but the default is a clue that they didn’t put much thought into it. I found a few romantic garden spots with deep, lush dark green grass, but then I saw a sim that was red. Red! I had to go! And with the splashes of red in my outfit from Jador that I picked up at Modavia Fashion Week, this could be a great sim for shooting my outfit.
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Day and Dusk at Versaille


Another drop-dead gorgeous must-have gown from Modavia Fashion Week was the Rafaella from Donna Flora. This is one of those movie star gowns, the one that she wears as she comes down the long, wide stairs into a room of people who stop dancing and simply stare, agog at the sheer magnificent extravagance of her dress while the man of her dreams crushes a glass in his hand before rushing to her side where he can say something arrogant and jealous and start a fight so the movie lasts two hours instead of ten minutes.
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Lost at Versailles


One of my favorite gowns from the fall collections at Modavia Fashion Week is Letia from Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice. Its sheer silk chiffon comes in three lovely florals. The man-tailored top and the stiffened sculpted skirt gives modern forms to this old world fabric. the corset also combines modern shape with a beautiful romantic toile. The combination of old and new is an exciting new look.

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Back to Dire Marsh

Sept 16_008

My favorite outfit from the sYs collection for Modavia Fashion Week is this one called Stardust. I guess I felt the Stardust would feel at home in the swamp since that’s where I decided to shoot. The outfit has an aged and distressed look with the shredded sweater that seemed to call for a more noir setting.

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What I Wore at Fashion Week


We were asked to keep our Avatar Rendering Cost below 1500 which meant stripping off lots of alpha textures and intricate jewelry. It is not, however, a mandate to look boring, but rather a challenge to find style within the confines of 1500 rendering cost. I chose the simple sheath dress from Chantkare that was released at Modavia Fashion Week as there’s nothing like wearing the latest season at the season’s show. Chantkare’s Applonia Criss is such an expert at mixing patterns that I wanted to toss my hand in the ring when accessorizing. I added a short jacket from Reale and shoes from House of Fox that were a Platinum Hunt gift last month.
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