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Seduction Liason

And now for something a little more sensual.

Today was the first time I’ve been able to make it to the Cinema Event. I know I’m a slacker but it’s not totally my fault. I’ve been having some health issues and sitting for long periods of time hurts my fucking gall bladder (even though the docs say it looks fine..LIES I TELL YOU). So, yea, I took a full pain pill and sat here and decided I WAS going to make it there and I WAS going to spend some money…and that’s what I did.

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Just a simple look of the day post. I got a new cute mesh “wild skirt” from songbird and paired it with this sophisticated top from Zaara giving myself a dressy/edgy look. Also, if you haven’t been to bitch, you should, so many cute mesh items at super awesome prices. The glasses I’m wearing are from there. 

Hybie is wearing:

Skin: Metaphoria – Koreen Skin – Fair – Nite
Hair: LoQ – Margerita – Pale BLonde
Top: Zaara – Ashima BLouse – kohl
SKirt: SongBird – Wild SKirt – Blk n White
Glasses: bitch. – mesh bd frames/clear
eyes: SongBird – Mythic – Yellow


Echoes & Mirrors

The myths of Narcissus and Echo have inspired a tremendous outpouring of art throughout history and now and exhibition of the creative arts of Second Life with Designers United. The majority of the work at Designers United is fashion – such as this dress I am wearing, but there’s also posemaking and home building. The mirroring bench I used in these shots with their poses is an outstanding example of that creativity and craftsmanship.
The genius is that the poses in the bottom bench mirror the poses in the top and a semi-sheer prim separates them to give the effect of water. Taking two photos and putting them together is a relatively simple task and with the bench designed to create the mirrored effect, it was an easy thing to do.
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It's a Dream

I had planned to shoot four of these gorgeous tops from Orage Creations but SL had other plans. It decided that despite all my plans, I would be a cloud for the day yesterday. Seriously, I tried clearing cache, restarting not just Second Life but also my computer and the SL, SL Beta, SnowGlobe, Kristens, Emerald and Emerald Beta viewers and despite it all, I stayed a cloud.  I finally resolved the issue about midnight, but I was not going to shoot photos that late, so I will have to be content with showing you just the gorgeous zebra Dream Top and let you check out the leopard, snake and fleur (b and white brocade) on your own.  The Orage Creations Main Store was closed for renovations this weekend, but the tops can be found at affiliates in Best of SL, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. For latest locations check Elettra Gausman’s profile


I shot this set at Third World – home of the Third World Bar and Third World Kino. It’s a beautiful sim with many tiny set pieces of surreality and beauty for you to enjoy.  To get a taste of the amazing scenes at Third World, take a look at the Flickriver stream of interesting photos shot there.

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