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I hear clothes talking and i've got a very interesting tool!

During one of my shopping tours a few days ago, i stopped at Mimikri to check out the latest releases and i found out an awesome top/skirt set that has been released in July and i could not believe i missed it! Anyway, better late than never.
So here I am, showing you that outfit and some lovely skin, hair and jewelry that have been released recently. Also, I’ll recommend a cool tool that comes in handy when we take snaps.

Feelin' cool ;)

The Dusk set from Mimikri: a leather bustier and a sequin mini-skirt which seem screaming “we know you want us, come on…come get us, wear us, take us around, show us to the world, love us forever..”.
Well, at least that’s what they said to me. Not that I can hear clothes talk…..
Anyway, look at them, leather and sequin textures that seem real, lovely designs that are made to make your avie feel (and look) hot/cool/trendy at the same time. Try wearing them with the Baiastice Emi boots I blogged some weeks ago and you’ll be just perfect.
Both pieces are available in different colours and can be sold separately. Oh, Mimikri never disappoints me.

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Modavia Fashion Week #13


Monday’s shows began with FineSmith with their trademark avant garde jewelry. The Noir collection is an intriguing combination futurism and the baroque. The actual metal pieces are highly stylized, clean-lined and futuristic, but they are coupled with lace collars that have a baroque sensibility in their lavish ornamentation.

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Finesmith at the Accessory Fair


For the avant garde, one place that must be on your list is Finesmith. Whether it’s jewelry or other accessories, Finesmith has innovative and inspired designs. For today, I am featuring Finesmith’s Rissa Demure which includes earrings, a necklace and an eye piece worn with this lovely ball gown from Baiastice.
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WideWorld Paradise

WideWorld Paradise
I made a trip to WideWorld Paradise – an sim exploring surrealist art – and think I could spend hours exploring its features. When I saw this gorgeous blue tunnel with orange peacock trees, I decided to wear the blue version of the Samuela dress from LaLei. The cross-banded sequins give it a nice modern look, especially with the bit of exposed midriff. It comes in six colors, pastel pink, blue and green and cream, gold and silver.
WideWorld Paradise
Isn’t the setting gorgeous? When you teleport into WideWorld Paradise, you are offered several places to teleport to, but don’t rely on just that. There are surprises for the intrepid explorer.
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