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Winter Wonderland

The Weather Outside is Frightful

I’m wandering around doing holiday things today. I found a sweet little sim with most of the things for sale. sure, they’re older and the prim count is higher on some of them but it’s still super fun.

I may go back and buy the carousel. I don’t know. Does this fit with my victorian themed house? I don’t wanna be THAT neighbor but still- CAROUSEL!

Have you done your holiday shopping? Are you ready? I am NOT. Don’t even have stockings up yet. I’m ridiculous. I just moved though is it even my fault? I don’t think so.

The snow was fun but the place was so laggy it just rezzed and unrezzed super fast. So fun but eh. Too much going on, too many scripts. YET – super fun.

With this…I’m off to finish unpacking my things. I hate setting up house!

Gidge is Doing Christmassy Things In: 

Jeans:::Sn@tch Cocky  Jeans (Blue):::

Skin: -Belleza- Paige Fair Gloss 8

Nails: Flair

Hair: Exile:: Amber

Shoes: Ingenue :: Amelia Boots (Hourglass) :: Scarlet

Sweater: OSMIA – Merry.Sweater – Hourglass – Red Print

Turtleneck: OSMIA – Merry.Turtleneck – Hourglass – White Striped

Body: Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body (Redux) V4.1.0

Head: Slink Visage Redux Ashlynn Head V 1.0.0

Pet Carrier: TuTy’s Pet carrier – scripted bag with chiwawa

Eyes: Izzie’s – Whiskey Eyes (lights) purple

Shark Bait

Helena Stringer - IOF - Shark Bait

I was going to do this super complicated post with this dress, as I really loved the colours. I figured I could do all sorts of things. I can make a magical half dragon, half human princess who hoards jewels.

I went off and did my daily things, shopped a wee bit, got so many compliments on this simple styling, that I said, hey, why not just blog it this way, people seem to think it works. What probably threw me off was the normality of it.

If ever I do become a magical dragon/human half-breed jewel hoarding princess, I will let you know.


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Woven in Chocolate (Group Gift – In Notices)
Skin – Moddish – Wendy in Honey Tone
Eyes – BSN – Deep Eyes in Green
Lashes – Tuty’s – Eyelashes 1 in Black
Dress – Valentina E – Jewel Cocktail Dress in Ocean – NEW

Pose – Faxion
Location – Imogen

Attack Of The SupaTall Woman!

Let’s talk about how hard it is to find ANYTHING miniature in SL. Making this poster was very time consuming and difficult but I’m loving the end result. I made the buildings, bridge, roads, pose, trees and grass myself. Basically, the only thing I didn’t make are the vehicles and the things I’m wearing. Post Processing involved adding the ppl and some of the background which is from the original poster. I also had to mod my shape a bit too, I made her SUPA TALL, like, I maxxed out the height stuff. Strawberry Singh issued this challenge and since I was already making movie inspired pictures for the Hair Fair Contest…I thought what the hell. I hope you enjoy my poster as much I do!




Hybie Is Wearing:

Skin: Belleza – Berry Pale 5
Hair: TuTy’s – DIVA Vintage Hair – Copper
Top: eTude – bra – white
Skirt: Happy Undead – Mini SKirt Vinyl White
Pose – Custom Made By Me

Free Things Of The Good Variety And Other Stuff Too

Is That Wrong?

Ever since they started the migration away from Magic Boxes, your Marketplace Shopping Experience has MOST LIKELY improved. I’m not saying you won’t find the freebie sex orb  of dubious quality, or someone just selling a landmark for their shop for zero but hey at least it’s zero. I long for the days when people sold pine boxes and listed them as “a box for your stuff”. Those were heady days of online pixel shopping. Continue reading

Days of Wine and Roses


I know all of you have seen this top many times over. When it came out, it was so new and distinctive that fashionistas rushed to buy it, including this one. It was blogged over and over again. That happens when items are exciting and fresh. The thing is, though, that this top has qualities that make it good investment dressing, too. It’s something to hang onto for the long haul, to be pulled out next year and the year after that because it is not only well-made, but it is made to play well with others. The relatively short waist keeps it from conflicting with skirts and pants. The lack of a collar lets it fit with lots of jewelry and even several jackets. It’s a keeper.


Today I paired it with this fabulous new pencil skirt from Baiastice. I love that she put in this soft version of a kick pleat in the back, adding an extra bit of stretch when you walk so the fabric does not get so streched. This skirt was released in five solids, six bi-colors and six leathers.
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Sassy at Fashion for Life


There is so much that is smart about this lovely dress from Sassy! for Fashion for Life. For one thing, it is made in two pieces, as a top and a skirt so it can be worn separately and mixed and matched. For another, the chevron shape of the band is flattering and sexy as all get out. For another, the weave of the fabric is gorgeous and I love the light and dark threads. Continue reading

Bonne Chance


One reason I love vintage clothing is its unabashed femininity. This dress from Bonne Chance for Vintage Fair is as feminine as they come with its slender, figure-hugging silhouette and lacey white on white adornment, it’s a dress fit for jazz nights and afternoon teas.

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A new kind of mambo


I DJ’ed last night at The Velvet and put together a fun set full of mambos, tangos and sambas with a bit of jive and other things to spice it up. I wanted to wear something samba-worthy and remembered this top I picked up at The Dressing Room Blue. It was from Mimikri, so I dived into my Mimikri folder to find a silver skirt to wear with it – and adapting this skirt from the Adele dress worked perfectly.

I love putting together different sets that explore a mood or a beat and have a lot of fun spinning my songs on Monday nights. My long-time friend and former partner is the manager at The Velvet and has really brought a new spirit to the place. If you have not been there in awhile, you might want to try it again. The old “We are cooler than you,” vibe is long gone and there’s a friendly spirit that focuses on the sheer pleasure of sharing music. There’s a blog that you should check out with posts from many of the DJ’s updating readers on upcoming sets.

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I Went to the Garden

ACS Memorial Garden

Cancer touches us all. We all have friends and family who have confronted cancer and struggled to overcome. It is perhaps the reason that there is such universal support for Relay for Life and for Fashion For Life, the shopping fashion expo that raises scads of money for the American Cancer Society and their global programs for research and support in the struggle against cancer. It will be two years in July since I lost my oldest brother to cancer and I went to the ACS memorial garden to spend some time thinking about my brother and cousins who have died because while we are winning battles, the war on cancer is far from over.

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