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What Is Black and White & Short All Over


The Alexis Print dress from LIV-Glam, of course. That’s not actually accurate. The thing with LIV-Glam outfits is they are usually come in a fat pack for the price of a single dress. This particular dress is at The Designers Showroom and comes with the unique LIV-Glam packaging that I love. It comes in a HUD package that you wear. First you specify the size, so you are only getting the pieces you need and not filling your inventory. But don’t worry, if you are wrong, you can ask for a different size. One you put the pieces on, you can click on the hud to change the textures for different outfits. For example, this dress comes in three striped options and three floral options. When you consider that her prices range from 99 to 275 L, you can see that you do get a fat pack of dresses for the price of one. It is important to wear the HUD, not rez it. If you rez it, you will think you have an empty box.

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Buena Ventura


A friend of mine has been gardening, digging deep in the soil, planting trees, flowers, seeding grass and all the other backbreaking work involved in designing and landscaping a sim, but he’s pretty much done now and it’s a beautiful sight to see. I stopped by the other day and fell in love with the intriguing way he created different microclimates all in one sim. I stopped by the patio and took a few pictures, but you should really see it for yourself. I was wearing this gorgeous linen dress with and embroidered panel inset on the torso from La Penderie de Nicole.

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RC Cola and a Moon Pie


With the lovely hat from Bliss Couture and the sleek pencil skirt, everything about this outfit is so very chic, but the polka dots and the bright cherry red point me toward rockabilly. In fact, RC Cola and a Moon Pie ran through my head the entire time I was blogging.

I don’t want no cornbread
And I do love peas and rice
And I don’t want no carrots
No real hot pizza slice

But everything’s gonna be alright
With an RC Cola and a Moon Pie

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Second Serendipity


I love how Second Life Serendipity works. Take this outfit. I found this gorgeous Iris skirt at Leverocci and was looking for a good top to wear with it. I had tried on top in my White Tops folder and settled on a nice tank and a jacket which made a nice classic look, but was not what I had envisioned. Suddenly someone posts a vendor pic of Betty Doyle’s new top for Ingenue and had exactly the sort of modern lines I had been hoping for.


This fabulous jacket from Hucci has the classic, eternal chic of a Chanel jacket and the tank from MichaMi can dress up or dress down. I shot this at Digital Dragon – a great sim  with a predominantly black and white design.  This and the other Digital Dragon pics used Di’s Opera poses.

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Welcome to Sanity Falls

Welcome to Sanity Falls

For fun, I went to check out the newest MadPea production – Sanity Falls, a multi-sim hunt for the ransom to rescue your kidnapped spouse. I only made it to the city limits, distracted by the memes of Second Life plurkerville. I am wearing a great mesh dress from Tukinowaguma. Why didn’t I know Tukinowaguma had mesh? At 150L per dress, that’s a great place to shop for quality mesh clothing – all in standard sizes.

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What's Black and White and Re(a)d All Over?


I like red, white and black – or shades of gray and red. When I put this outfit together, for some reason that childhood riddle popped into my head. If for some reason, you don’t know the answer, it’s a newspaper. I wonder if the internet will make that riddle obsolete? Anyway, I am black and white and red all over with this outfit made with pieces from Peqe’s summer and Christmas collection and a sweater from Alexohol. The sweater is lovely and I love the quirky irregularity of the buttons that remind me of when I have sewn on buttons. The top is from Peqe’s Christmas release and I love it with the flared pants from Summer.
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Hello Down There


I stopped by China the other day and saw a couple TP points I had not noticed before that can take you to the China Boat or the China Square. I decided to take a look at China Square and discovered a modern, urban industrial setting with a touch of futurism. It seemed just perfect for the outfit I was wearing – the Emmanuelle catsuit from Kunglers.


The suit has beautiful lines as the seams contour down the torso and so does China Square. I love the brilliant lighting that creates the mood of a busy city.
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Back to Dire Marsh

Sept 16_008

My favorite outfit from the sYs collection for Modavia Fashion Week is this one called Stardust. I guess I felt the Stardust would feel at home in the swamp since that’s where I decided to shoot. The outfit has an aged and distressed look with the shredded sweater that seemed to call for a more noir setting.

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Fashion For Life & Why We Give


There are probably as many reasons for why we give as there are designers at Fashion For Life. Many give because it gives them a sense of worth and satisfaction to help others. Some give specifically to efforts that help fulfill their lives goals and passions. Others want to make a difference in the world, to know their life had meaning in the broader world outside their friends and family. Many give to advance their cultural and political values. Others give to be part of a community and to join with others who share their interests. Others because they feel a sense of responsibility to their community. Some give because they wish to lead. Others give to say thank you. Many give to memorialize and honor loved ones. Whatever their motivation, I am grateful that so many are motivated to spend hours creating beautiful designs to offer as gifts to support cancer research. When you go to the Fashion For Life event, look for the Fashion For Life vendors. 100% of the purchase price goes to the American Cancer Society. At Fashion For Life, you could be motivated to give for a multitude of reasons, but looking at dresses like this one from Nicky Ree, I think we need to add “looking good” to the list of motivations.

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