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1 + 1 = 1

No, I didn’t flunk math, but in this case, take 1 lovely bra and 1 lovely corset and put them together and you get 1 lovely top. The corset is from A Piece of Candy and has such a beautifully intricate fabric – reminding me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows, actually. I really loved the fabric and wanted to show it off, but wanted some straps and frankly, the plain edged top of it just needed a bit of boost. So, trying on some bras that would be just a bit higher to give it an edge, I put on this lovely Casa del Shai bra with a bit of pink lace to pick up the pink in the fabric and I knew I had what I wanted.

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All About Me – Items With My Name!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I started this project last year, slowly collecting items with MY name in them. I don’t have beautiful braided hair named after me (grins at Cajsa) but I have managed over the past year to collect some things with both my nickname and my proper name in them which tickles me to no end.

For Clarification – I’m Bridgette. I’m also GIDGE which is not only my SL Avatar’s name, it’s the nickname I answer to in RL. In most instances it’s how I distinguish between friends and acquaintances.

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Vicious Girls 2.0

posted by Gidge Uriza

Looking for a fun Urban Decay sort of spot to shoot, Cajsa and I hearkened back to our past and went to the newly remodeled Vicious Wasteland. With ability to build and run scripts, this is a great spot for shooting photos or people – depending on your preference.

We were choosing to spotlight the fashions of one of The Grid’s Russian designer’s Olya Lowey. Olya’s designs vary between ultra-modern visions of future fashions to Romanov velvet influences, all with sharp details and many including shoes and accessories. Continue reading