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Carmen Was a Hussy


I am wearing the Carmen dress from Kunglers for Fashion For Life. It’s clear it’s inspiration comes from the fiery Carmen of Bizet’s opera. Carmen is an opera filled with catchy tunes that you will find yourself humming for days. The music is beautiful and makes it easy to forget what a misogynistic story it is. It’s all too familiar. A man who cannot accept that the woman he loves does not love him decides that if he can’t have her, no one will, and murders her. What’s infuriating is that he’s the hero and she’s the villain. And it’s a comedy. Still, I love the music and never miss a chance to see it. Carmen is a free spirit with a lively wit and insouciant spirit who easily captures men’s hearts. She is someone who wants what she wants and doesn’t settle for less. Sure, she was a hussy, but only because that’s how our society stigmatizes women who won’t settle.
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Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart
You’re shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Cecilia, I’m down on my knees
I’m begging you please to come home


The heartless Cecelia of Simon & Garfunkel’s lyrics could get away with running off with other men because she was so fascinating. If she were wearing the Cecilia gown from Azul, that would not hurt either. In this photo, I ran off to the Old Abbey at The Looking Glass – a gorgeous sim from Marcus Inkpen that is a delight to explore.
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Dancing in a Field of Stars

Lizzie Lexington is a great source of ideas for places to explore in Second Life. She’s an intrepid sim explorer, always finding new and fun places.  I was all set to shoot this dress the other night and she im’ed and asked if I have been to see the Hybrid Productions sim build yet. It was on my to-do list, but I decided that if she was following up, it had to be better than usual so I popped over there and in one of those moments of SLerendipity – it was the perfect place to shoot the dress I was wearing, much better than my original plan.

Actually, it’s not a dress exactly. It’s a fun little mash-up mixing the new Baiastice Arina swimsuit with the LeeZu WhiteStar skirt. Seriously, could I have found any place better? The thing is, if you want to see it, you need to go quickly as the sim closes after July 11th. It’s been created for the launch party of a new album. You can see the details here.  Go while you can – and shoot lots of pretty pictures, because it is beautiful.

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People Say Thanks In The Sexiest Ways

Bastet Hazelnut recently asked for ideas of places to shoot pictures on plurk and since I have a notecard that I save landmarks for nice spots to shoot pictures with notes about permissions, I passed it over to her. It’s out of date and I keep promising myself I will spend the 2 or 3 days of teleporting around that it would take to clean it up, but dang it, everytime I try I get so many failed tp’s. Today I spent nearly an hour trying to update and check landmarks and made a total of four successful teleports. This was after taking care not to wear scripted hair, jewelry and shoes so that scripts would not be hanging me up. Argggh! However, it you want a copy of your own, just IM me in-world and I will pass it to you.

Bastet very kindly sent me a thank you gift – this gorgeous lace lingerie set. I could not resist shooting it right away because it was just so frilly and fun. People say thanks in the sexiest ways like giving a guide on rabbit vibrators as a gift! The name of her store is NUT and now I owe her an apology because the instant I read that, I immediately thought of a song my older sister would sing to me when I was a kid. Of course, I think she owes me an apology for getting that song stuck in my head. I want to share the pain, but will warn you that this song burns brain cells.

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It All Began With the Necklace

Flachra Lach of Essentia sent me a this incredibly delicate and beautiful necklace and earrings with an announcement that there was a 50% off sale at Essentia through June 7th. I haven’t had a chance to get the picture up until today which means you have one more shopping day at 50% off. When I saw the necklace I knew I really wanted to show it – and so began to build a look for it. My first impulse was something Southwest with the feeling of Taos and deserts and all that, but I quickly decided that was too obvious and started wandering around my inventory folder. It was a fun exploration that helped me clean up a bit of the inventory, too. In the end, though I abandoned Taos for India and indulged in a lot of casual Zaara which is really timely because there’s a 50% off sale at Zaara as well.

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Imperially Elegantly Peachy

I love this new blouse from Kunglers. What’s not to like? It has a delightfully cinched waist with a gorgeous belt. Incidentally, the skirt comes with the same belt in case you want to wear a different blouse or wear this blouse tucked in. It’s got lovely full sleeves with sheer fabric. It’s finished with gorgeous satin ribbon on the edgess – the bottom, the sleeves and the collar. Best of all, I love the print – a chocolately brown with flowers and leaves in olive and a lovely rosy peach. It’s yummy and isn’t it great that Kunglers produced it in four other colors as well.

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Not Quite as Big Hair

Well, Gidge beat me in the Big Hair Olympics – but I think this is a contender.  It’s a style I love from Detour and is called Torrid – a good name because it does seem to just scream torrid, doesn’t it? I like it because it’s full enough and curly enough that it obscures some intersections that inevitably happen and it’s just plain sexy. With it I am wearing a great little top/dress I picked up at the Clothing Fair from Morea Style.

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Spun Gold

I love the color gold. However, let’s be honest. Gold is not one color. It’s a spectrum in itself. From the bright and brassy yellow mustard gold to the soft and mellow olives of old gold, there’s a rainbow of shades in those four letters, G-O-L-D.   This dress from Baiastice is from the more mellow, old gold range – lustrous, shiny and rich – but soft, subtle and quiet as well. It’s my favorite shade of gold.

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Going for Baroque

Squinternet Larnia, the avant-coureur innovator behind the brand Donna Flora, has a genius for baroque jewelry with extravagantly bold clusters of gems, crystals and pearls. Her new creation, Emmanuelle, for the Accessory Fair is no exception. I struggled so hard to decide what to wear with it because there were so many options – should I wear lavender, purple, black, cream, gold, red or some combination thereof? With this bold combination of gems, I could go any direction I wanted. Vintage or modern? Avant-garde or classical? There’s real brilliance involved in creating jewelry that you can take with you on many very different journeys in style. I confess to going overboard on the photos, so if you want to see more, they are in the Emmanuelle set on my Flickr.

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A Universe in Your Hand

As the Accessory Fair opens on this beautiful Saturday morning, I am thrilled to be featuring the Hera Earrings and Cocktail Ring from Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones. I remember some several months back that she told me she was going to do something really crazy, that she always wanted to do. Abraxxa is one of those who doesn’t give hints, though, so it was not until she finished the ring that she shared the story of seeing this amazing ring that she fell in love with and lusted for. Like most of us, though, the $26,000 price tag made her jaw drop and made that dream unattainable – until she decided to make it for herself in Second Life®. Luckily for all of us, she has also made matching earrings and not only are these gorgeous, extraordinarily detailed masterpieces available they are not $26,000 or even 26,000 lindens. As you can see, the pieces consist of five constellations of diamonds around a central clusters of gems and  inner suns of citrines and topaz – a veritable cluster of solar systems – an entire universe to adorn yourself.

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