Vicious Girls 2.0

posted by Gidge Uriza

Looking for a fun Urban Decay sort of spot to shoot, Cajsa and I hearkened back to our past and went to the newly remodeled Vicious Wasteland. With ability to build and run scripts, this is a great spot for shooting photos or people – depending on your preference.

We were choosing to spotlight the fashions of one of The Grid’s Russian designer’s Olya Lowey. Olya’s designs vary between ultra-modern visions of future fashions to Romanov velvet influences, all with sharp details and many including shoes and accessories.

ExC designs is located in one of the only safe zones on Vicious Wasteland if it’s shopping you are looking for. The club and most of the rest of the island is open for photography however and you’ll find most people there fairly friendly, if likely to shoot just for fun.

We enlisted some help to properly display Olya’s range. Harper Ganesvoort joined us, wearing Celesta in pink (it’s a deep, crushed velvet pink with black lace edging the outfit) includes her fun clunky shoes.

Cajsa wore one of Olya’s more whimsical designs, Orchid – also in pink.

I went modernistic with Miya in Silver.

And yes, it really is slit up to THERE. It includes glitch pants or shorts – or you can wear without and show a little bootie in back.

Check out Vicious Wasteland for your Urban Decay sort of backdrops for photography. It’s got some great spots.

Thanks so much to Harper for joining us on the fly! You look Mahvelous dahling!

And check out ExC (ExClusive) on Vicious Wasteland and Olya’s designs. If you are tired of looking like everyone else on the grid, go see something NEW!  🙂

Click HERE to see the Entire Photo Shoot of the Best Dressed Vicious Girls Ever.

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studios.

Shot on location at Vicious Wasteland, in front of ExC.

Fashion Details

All Poses for all three from Torridwear


Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******
Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Lashes: Sin Skins Ferra Lashes
Skin: LionSkins Suzana sunkissed 39
Nails: Love Magic Glossy Pack Pink
Hair: Damselfly Haleigh Ruby Twilight
Dress: Pink Dark Orchid by ExC
Shoes: Digit Darkes Tropical Heel
Necklace: Yak & Yeti Bollywood Tourmaline


Earrings:  Amour Elegant (silver/sapphire)
Rings:  Virtual Impressions Wedding Ring Collection Ensemble (gold/sapphire/white diamond)
Nails:  Digit Darkes Tintable Glitter Polish mani (silver)
Detour Platinum toes
Shape/skin:  Issigonis Ayumi
Tattoo:  PopFuzz” Eye of Horus (shoulder blade)
Eyes:  Gaslights Emporium (jade green)
Hair:  Analog Dog Sandra (brown)
Dress:  Exclusive Celesta (pink) (complete w/ shoes)


Shape: Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin: A Piece of Candy – Naomi in Ruby
Hair: Bishware Toss Me Around in Black
Eyes: FNKY – Purple Rain
Dress – MIYA in Silver by EXC
Shoes – Stiletto Moody Gladiator Boots
Hose – Black Fishnet hose
Knife- Ravenwear Ringed Legband knife
Nails – Adam n Eve Rogur

12 thoughts on “Vicious Girls 2.0

  1. Gidge Uriza Post author

    If you’re gonna roll with the Vicious….you have to roll with the VICIOUS.

    Just cuz I’m not in the Family anymore doesn’t mean I don’t know how to rock Vicious Style 🙂

    We’re MEAN! You just forgot. Lol.

  2. Harper

    It looks like I left the meeting a little early; I obviously missed out on the fun after the serious work was done!

    Thanks for the opportunity to pose with you. The one weird thing to me is that I never know when someone is taking pictures on the Grid unless it’s me doing the shooting. It’s completely invisible unless you’re pushing the button. But it was fun!

  3. Emerald Wynn

    LOL – I went to check out this store (I want that Pink Dark Orchid) and got shot by a bunch of guys in camo. Luckily I have my stylish Pynk Boty Guard for protection.

    Treacherous shopping. 🙂

  4. Emerald Wynn

    Um, where is the store exactly on this sim? The TP puts me right in the middle of men with guns. I’m not hip — is it the store Exchange? Can I buy Orchid in a safe place, like SLX exchange? 😀

  5. Gidge Uriza Post author

    Actually…….I think that the rules are be armed or get your butt to the safe zone……..
    check for the little heart on the top of your screen to see if you are in a damage zone or not. It’s a combat Sim…..but generally they don’t TOO much at tourists.

    Of course……sometimes….
    And yes – the store is on the SECOND floor – I apologize I should’ve mentioned you take the scaggy elevator up 🙂

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