Purrfectly Delightful

Excuse my while I purr.

When I saw the ad for this jacket on the feed the other day, it was one of those “gotta have it” moments – though I will confess I blanched at the cost. Nonetheless, jackets are generally good investments and this one look lots of work and it shows.

The jacket is called Kitty and is from Jador. Made with a mad fringe of purples and reds, it seems to pay homage to Rodarte in subtle ways. Perhaps I make that connection because I have been lusting for that Rodarte suit for a month now and this is as close as I am likely to get. With it I am wearing a camisole from It’s All Good and a skirt from creamshop. The tights are from Petite Ange.

Here I switched to jeans from Pixel Dolls.  The jacket is easier to wear with jeans because it does not come with multiple attachments points for its prim pieces which are also, sadly, no copy. The belt and the fur trim both take points normally used by skirts, so I had some prim editing to do in order to wear a skirt. Luckily, pants don’t require that sort of accomodation.

I love the jacket – but let’s not lose sight of the amazing boots. It would have been so easy to go to far with these boots and end up in mukluk land, but restraint won the day and the shoe part stayed uncovered. Not only does this make for a nice contrast, it keeps my feet from looking like Sasquatch’s more fashionable cousin.

Such a wild outfit deserves equally wild makeup which I found with LionSkins Suzana #28. The earrings are from DeLa and the necklace from Stones From Heaven.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: LionSkins Suzana 28 sunkissed
  • Hair: Damselfly Pixie Ruby Twilight
  • Camisole: It’s All Good Red Tank
  • Top: Dutch Touch silky shirt Purple
  • Jacket: Jador Fashion Kitty Coat
  • Skirt: Creamshop Balloon Pleats Skirt
  • Jeans: Pixel Dolls Basic Jeans Purple
  • Stockings: Petite Ange Dark Red Knit tights
  • Boots: Jador Fashion with Kitty Coat
  • Earrings: Dela Antonia Amethyst
  • Necklace: Stones of Heaven Amethyst and Jasper necklace

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