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Antarctic Dreams

Who is going to a traditional Black & White ball for New Year’s Eve?  It seems like nearly all the women dress in white – a nod to the season’s frosty weather. Many of the dresses have snowflakes and crystals to accentuate the seasonal motif. This year, though, you can have the snowflakes and stand out from the crowd in this black snowflake dress from Sascha’s Designs called Antarctica.

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Cursed Stones Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

posted by Gidge Uriza

Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones is one of my favorite jewelry designers on the grid, so when she gave me the opportunity to review her Tokon Chained cuffs and collar I knew which stones I’d wear.

October’s Cursed Stone – OPAL.

Roman tradition says that if you aren’t born in October, you will be CURSED for wearing this stone.  Having been BORN in October, I do like to rock the opals whenever I can – just to flaunt it at the jewelry gods and their silly rules.

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From Hong Kong with Love

My friend Miffy (Miffyhoi Rosca) has been making clothes a little over a year now. I have spent hours sitting on her Electro-Kitty pig watching while she concocts one of those outrageous belts with filled with different kinds of candy or cigarettes or looped together a prim skirt and admired her sure and confident whipping of prims into shape. Her style is youthful and fun and just keeps getting better. Once or twice a week she drops her newest and latest on me to check out. Lately, though, her style is branching out into more colors and I am finding it much more appealing for me personally. Take this lovely red dress.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Gidge

It would be my best friend Gidge you drags me thoroughly and completely out of my comfort zone with her challenge cause she’s wicked like that. Her exact brief was: “OK then, Now I want to see you do ultramodern.  Sleek, metallic….not inhuman…….SUPERHUMAN……” I suppose I could have gone to a costume shop and bought the Silver Surfer, but that would not honor the spirit of these challenges, so I went to the Fashion Oracle, Sasy Scarborough. It took her less than 15 seconds to suggest this very Trilobite Cat Suit and she even knew the price. Never doubt the power of the Oracle.

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Dance the night away!

Sunday afternoon Maht did one of his best sets ever at the Velvet – a homage to the great songwriters and I was ready to dance because I was eager to try out the new dances from Akeyo in a group. I prefer dances that don’t make the men dancing with me on my HUD look silly, and these Akeyo dances really fit the bill. Animazoo has some great ones, too, by the way. No disrespect to Sine Wave, which also produces some good club dances. It’s just that I cringe when I see a guy doing OMG. What can I say?   Anyway, eager to dance, I decided a nice miniskirt and tights would suit and sure enough they did.

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Tangled Web

This dress is so beautiful it makes me want Halloween to come at least once a month.  With a dramatic full ball-gown skirt of spun silk, this is a dress to take your breath away.  I found it on the hunt – not as a hunt prize, but an outfit at Pixel & Prim Paradise, one of the hunt stores. Yes, I know I would have been a faster hunter if I didn’t spend time shopping at the stores, but the purpose of the hunt is to introduce us shoppers to a grid wide selection of great shops, so of course I looked and shopped while hunting. Continue reading

Quick Look: Silly Fun – A Freebie!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Trolling Onrez for cute Halloween stuff I found this excellent Freebie from Addictions.

Sweet little complete outfit includes the shoes and it’s just a hoot – lots of skull details etc…..I’m loving it for ZERO! I added the Una hair from House of Heart……It’s Mahvelous and totally fun for Halloween club gear!

I’ll be sporting these new skins from Chic Boutique a lot here coming up, I just received a mess of them an in love!

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Chic Boutique Diva Skin – Stella Kohl
  • Hair – House of Heart Una in Irish Red
  • Dress and Shoes Including Stockings – Addictions Halloween Outfit Avail Here

Popular? I Know About POP-U-LAR!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Kungler’s has started putting out luxurious evening wear, and with the holiday season coming up full speed it’s never too early to start adding pieces for your fall/winter events. This elegant formal look boasts sleek lines, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn – with over the top elegance on the bolero prim.

You can always expect variety with Kunglers releases, so you’ll find the bolero on different layers and lovely options on how to put this look together. So if you want elegant but the poofy bolero is too much, you can just wear it without the prim attachment for a sleek jacket look. Continue reading


New skin from Gala Phoenix: Sari with freckles

Sometimes the beauty of a dress is so self-evident that any attempt to describe it merely detracts from your pleasure in seeing the designer’s marriage of art and design and her balancing of the challenges of phantom flexi-prims with the demands of fashion.  The Kungler Couture Passion of the Black Swan dress by AvaGardner Kungler is exactly that sort of dress.  This is a dress that can take your breath away, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The fires of passion frame your face with feathers.

A panache of fire and black plumes frame your face together with the silver needles and thread of the old song, The Black Swan by Giancarlo Menotti.

Black Swan

The sun is falling and it lies in blood
The moon is weaving bandages of gold
Old black swan where oh where is my lover now
Where oh where is my lover now
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We Twinkle Below

House of Heart came through with a hair style that can top any twinkling diva when creating this Tousled confection replete with black ostrich feathers and everything but the cherry on top.Pairing it with this twinkling Twilight dress from the one and only… You know this dress so perfectly epitomizes this designer’s aesthetic that I should not even tell you who she is. You should just know from looking.

Ah! You all guessed Digit Darkes, didn’t you? Go to the head of the class.  Now you really didn’t think I would keep it a secret. Right this moment I am envisioning hundreds of fashionistas wearing this dress and converging together on the wonderful garden at Wanderstill and twinkling and swirling in field after field of flowers. Continue reading