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I'm No Ingenue – Or AM I?

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m online so intermittently lately – sigh. I MISS everything. But I got sooo lucky that I caught this release from Ingenue. I can’t say enough about how much I always LIKE Ingenue when I wear it – and I should freaking blog them more.

I’m a huge fan of a well made system skirt with gorgeous, rich texture and this classic retrol styled GENE dress doesn’t disappoint.  This color or the red it also comes in would make a totally AWESOME holiday party dress. Continue reading

DIY Costumes: Shop Your Inventory

posted by Gidge Uriza

I happened to be logged in during the day last Sunday and our friend Maht was doing a Halloween set from THE VELVET – his usual Sunday spot. I didn’t have a lot of notice before his set started and it was a Halloween party so I fretted for a bit about who to be.

Then it occurred to me that this old Free Speerit hair ELISE has a banana clip.

Putting together the rest of Sarah Palin was just TOO easy. Glasses from Prim Optic and a conservative dress from Little Rebel (I MISS LITTLE REBEL) and VOILA I was done. Continue reading

Something Old and Something New:Free Speerit and DLizzy

posted by Gidge Uriza

If you are an old enough avatar, you remember that one day Desidelia at Free Speerit decided she wanted to get rid of all the hair at her store and BOOM it was all free. Just like that.

If you were a new fashion blogger at the time, it was like Christmas. Continue reading

Jolie Ensemble is Perfect for the 4th Too!

posted by Gidge Uriza

The blue with gold OR silver detailing Jolie ensemble is perfect if you want to salute the July 4th Holiday with a more conservative style. This piece by Kalli Heart Designs is a review bloggers dream – includes earrings and bracelets which are NICE plus LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS.

Did I mention LAYERS? Plus the shirt/jacket/undershirt layer comes in opaque OR sheer 🙂 And you can layer up the sheer version for a “less sheer” look that is still smexy. I’m wearing two layers of sheer in the pic below.

The sheer option on the shirt - Blue with GOLD detail

The sheer option on the shirt - Blue with GOLD detail

I’ve also got the blue version with SILVER detail to show you. Continue reading


Posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok, I lied. I’ve got some red white and blue. But it’s cute. And for the next 48 hours you’re gonna see it. I promise you no whacky hats or nutty hairs.

Well, I mostly promise.

Americana from GYPSY SOUL is a great dress for those of you feeling patriotic but not in that “I WILL WEAR AN UNCLE SAM HAT WHILE SINGING ALONG TO STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER” sort of mood.

Cuz, that sound doesn’t actually have words. Continue reading

Feeding My Addiction

posted by Gidge Uriza

Addiction, a new gown at Sascha’s Designs, is another great formal gown by my favorite ballgown designer. With beads and gorgeous details this gown, as with almost all of Sascha’s works, comes witha  variety of skirt options so you can take it from the Cotillion where you dance with gentlemen of genteel natures to a modern formal event. Continue reading

New Release and Auction Items at Mer-Elf

My Friend Morgaine is offering this dream of a gown for free to all you Mer-Elf people, and even to all you non Mer-Elf people! Up at her Mainstore now! This is a quickie because I’ve got all this REAL LIFE going on – CAN you believe it?


  • Skin – Free Speerit – Kimberly – Group Gift – FREE (btw Desidelia makes the best ass in SL, check out her skins! Seriously)
  • Hair – Diversity hair -Milly – Lucky Chair Priza
  • Dress – Mer-Elf Freebie!

Also hot and happening at Mer-Elf are TWO charity items I promised Morgain I would share- THESE not free but quite worthy so when you pop by to pick up the freebie, take a gander.

I am told both of these auction items will go POOOOF On Monday June 15th.

Au Revoir Neferia

posted by Gidge Uriza

We’re all showing our appreciation for Neferia Abel today and I thought it’d be fun to show you one of my first pick ups at Ivalde.  When Ivalde was at an old location there was a rockin freebie wall, for the fashionista who adored vintage wear and the sense to shop at a nicer store.

I always tell anyone who asks that it was Cajsa who introduced me to Ivalde and I’ve been enamored ever since.  We’ll miss you Nef but hope to see you again after the summer. Continue reading

What To Wear To The Drunken Drow?

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Delilah Drutmann dropped me a notecard a couple of weeks ago that said SHHH! Surprise party for Jezabel! At the Drunken Drow! Here is the LM!

As they are both my RL friends, and folks I drug into the Metaverse with me, I obviously HAD to attend.  But shortly after I got them out of their newbie attire, those two girls ran off into their own SL and I don’t see them all that much. So I was interested to see what they were about now that we didn’t hang IN WORLD so much.

And you’re having the party WHERE? The Drunken Drow? Continue reading