Cursed Stones Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

posted by Gidge Uriza

Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones is one of my favorite jewelry designers on the grid, so when she gave me the opportunity to review her Tokon Chained cuffs and collar I knew which stones I’d wear.

October’s Cursed Stone – OPAL.

Roman tradition says that if you aren’t born in October, you will be CURSED for wearing this stone.  Having been BORN in October, I do like to rock the opals whenever I can – just to flaunt it at the jewelry gods and their silly rules.

Who knew the Romans had jewelry gods, anyway?

But I digress.

You can tell a lot about a person in SL by their jewelry, no matter how subtle. For instance, I could be a girl who enjoys large silver jewelry taunting the Roman Jewelry Gods. Or – maybe I’m a girl with a taste for a little BDSM discreetly wearing my preferences like adornment – or advertisement.

This Jewelry is scripted to work with your Masters Tokon Xcite Hud
This Jewelry is scripted to work with your Master’s Tokon Xcite Hud

I have the notecard that is included with this and thought I should share it with you, as it explains better than I can some of the features of the scripted bit of this jewelry.

Thank you for purchasing this high quality Xcite! ToKon compatible EarthStones jewelry! With EarthStones ToKon compatible jewelry, you are no longer limited to chunky cuffs and collars, barbed wire, ropes, or heavy chain cuffs. When worn without the ToKon HUD, these pieces simply make for beautiful chokers, bracelets, and anklets! However, if worn with a ToKon Slave HUD it becomes part of the most fully featured slave control system available. EarthStones ToKon compatible pieces come in a wide variety of options to match whatever you’re wearing, whether you’re heading out for a night with friends, scrubbing the dungeon floor, or lounging around in your most beautiful silks.
The ToKon Slave HUD is sold independently as the core of the ToKon Slave Control System. The ToKon Slave HUD is available from all Xcite! shops, vendor kiosks and the Xcite! website at
I didn’t know anyone WITH the HUD to try out any of the poses etc that come with, except Abraxxa’s boyfriend – and ummm, I don’t like him like that. And I KNOW my husband doesn’t so you know – you gotta check that part out on your own ya perves.
I’m also wearing the Kimberly skin released as a gift by Desidelia of Free Speerit. One of my oldest friends in SL, the artist Jenn Vilotta was wearing this a while back before it was done (she’s friends with Desidelia) and I was drooling over how beautiful it was.
I think the skin has a beautiful femme tummy.  Jenn tells me she think that Desidelia was creating the most perfect asses in SL – but in all honesty – I don’t think I’ve even seen this skin nekkid yet! I’ve only worn it with these clothes!
Yeah, I’m that dork.
Fashion Details
Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Kimberly (Christmas) from Free Speerit
Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
Hair – House of Heart – Calina the Archer – Wheat
Dress – Indyra Originals – Aamani – Saphire
Shoes – Boing Fromage – Urban Bohemian Sandals – Aqua
Jewelry EARTHSTONES – TOKON CHAINED Bracelets, Colar and Anklets in Silver Opal R
Nails – Adam and Eve – Rogue

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