Dance the night away!

Sunday afternoon Maht did one of his best sets ever at the Velvet – a homage to the great songwriters and I was ready to dance because I was eager to try out the new dances from Akeyo in a group. I prefer dances that don’t make the men dancing with me on my HUD look silly, and these Akeyo dances really fit the bill. Animazoo has some great ones, too, by the way. No disrespect to Sine Wave, which also produces some good club dances. It’s just that I cringe when I see a guy doing OMG. What can I say?   Anyway, eager to dance, I decided a nice miniskirt and tights would suit and sure enough they did.

The sweater dress is from Adam N Eve who, when it comes to construction and quality, can do no wrong in my book. Their clothes always fit, the prims never need a dash of gray to match the system pieces. They are just so reliable that I could kick myself for not getting their Brat Pack of this dress.

The tights are from Shop Seu and luscious and adaptable. Maitreya’s Dune boots were also a hit. Actually, they were a big hit. A Really BIg Hit! One woman said, “Oh, I have those boots, too” and she put them on and there ensued a conversation that pretty much consisted of Maitreya’s Dune boots are the bomb testimony from every woman there.

The necklace is from House of Heart, the earrings from Kraftika and bangles from Zaara and +plus. You know, that +plus bangle comes in gold and silver and I bet I wear one or the other at least twice a week.

The makeup is blowpop’s Midori. This is one of those skins that are made for photography, with luminous highlights and shadows. I love the way this skin works and the drama of the makeup.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: blowpop Mellie3 Honey Midori
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Symphony Skins Tintable
  • Hair: Creamshop Cherry Hair Brown
  • Dress: Adam N Eve Clement
  • Tights: Shop Seu Taitsu Tights Blue
  • Boots: Maitreya Dune Teal
  • Necklace: House of Heart Soho Gold
  • Earrings: Kraftika Earrings 119
  • Bangle Right: Zaara Melange
  • Bangle Left: +plus wide bangle in Gold

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