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12/06/2018 – Vintage Fair – Part 7

Honestly, this year’s Vintage Fair is just the gift that keeps on giving. Digging through the many items the designers sent, I find more and more lovely things every day. And as I said in a previous post, I’m only showing you the things I love. Not saying the rest isn’t good, but if you know me, I’m not into very sexy clothing or lingerie. Other’s will show those much better than I would… You may want to take a look at Ashia Tomsen’s blog, for instance.

Vintage Fair exclusives :

  • Earrings : Aurealis – Haro earrings
  • Tattoo : Aurica – Saida
  • Glasses : Cae – Catherine
  • Corset : Glutz – Torso trainer
  • Shoes : Eclectica – Vintage Gem shoes – Red
  • Necklace : Lenore – Pin-Up Girl Choker
  • Eyes : Banana Banshee – Etta 2

Other credits :

  • Body : Maitreya – Lara
  • Head : LeLutka – Simone
  • Ears : Mandala – Steking Season 5
  • Shape : Banana Banshee – Rosie Shape
  • Skin : Session – Gloria – Tone 1
  • Hair : Nani – Amie Hair
  • Hairbase : Tableau Vivant – HB3a – Browns
  • Lashes : Modish – Xenia
  • Jeans : Izzie’s – Twinnie Jeggins applier
  • Pose : Paper Rabbit

21Shoe for You And You and You

It’s that time again and 21Shoe is less than 24 hour away. There’s a SHAKEUP this month! Ready? You now how 48 hours to shop girls!  That’s right! You know how you think you’ll log in on Sunday and pick up this or that and then life happens and you don’t get to log in? Well good news, the shoes you want will just be a click away STILL on Monday morning! There is  a wide range of styles available this round, something for everyone. Of course, you probably need them all. Just saying.

Koikoia pictured above, brings it for all of your high feet. If you have  some different high feet I dunno wtf they are. These are classic and gorgeous.  Continue reading

Sly Lurkers of the Underbrush


My senior year I was chosen as the class nonconformist. That made sense as I was politically active and that’s never the conformist way to be. I was also the only person to graduate without taking biology. I had fought the school requirement all the way to the state high school accreditation board – arguing I merely had to take any science of my choice and did not have to take a biology class. Instead I took physics. I really did not want to dissect anything. A couple classmates, a couple that would often disappear into closets for a kiss or two or three, were named the Sly Lurkers of the Underbrush. That cracked me up. I had never heard the phrase before or since, but it fit them somehow. I am not quite lurking in the underbrush at Eclectica, but I am lurking.


Of course, you can’t really lurk without being noticed when your dress is this chic and sporty, can you? The Filton dress from Hucci for Collabor88 has all sorts of sporty details such as the stripe on the sleeve and the inset on the skirt. It’s striking, modernist and minimalist with a huge helping of chic.
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The Softer Side of MiaMai

CApe Poge

When most people think of MiaMai, they think of Monica Outlander’s high fashion avant garde creations that flirt with androgyny. Produced with grand spectacle and presented with artistry and poetic insight, they are her hallmark. However, a truer hallmark, I think, is her great flixibility and range in design. She is not content to issue endless iterations of the same shapes and ideas, and truly does go back to the drawing board for new inspiration. Take this ultra-feminine and soft-edged flowing dress that she recently released at Fashion For Life. It is the antithesis of the sharply defined, hard-edged androgynous designs and yet, there are distinct MiaMai details such as the lush peacock feather collar that make it a cohesive element in her body of work.

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Fabulous Is Fabulous

There’s three ways of looking at the coincidence that both Gidge and I chose the same clothing from Betty Doyle’s Ingenue to blog at the same time. One is that we’re boring and predictable bloggers. The second is that great minds think alike. The third is that Fabulous Is Fabulous and who can resist fabulous. Ingenue has produced high quality clothing as long as I have been in Second Life. In the beginning, Doyle focused on the niche vintage market, but her work over the last year has moved firmly into contemporary sportswear and separates that are flagrantly feminine. Take the top and skirt in this outfit. They were released about a month apart but there is such a cohesive vision behind the collection that Gidge and I both thought to combine them, though in different colors. That cohesive visions also makes the colors suitable for mixing and matching with just about everything.
Such springlike romanticism made me think of springs and fairies and unicorns and other delights so I headed off to the Unicorn Sanctuary. I know it looks like it’s nothing but sunshine, gentle dew and rainbows, but explore around some and you will see that Enchanted is a very spooky place in parts.
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I Got Life

Tuli Zoe 04 lips bare_001

The word Zoe means life and that’s a great name for such a lively, lovely skin. Life is rich and varied and so are these skins. A woman can go from “girl next door” to “femme fatale” with a change of outfit and a dash of makeup – and so can Zoe. Tuli Asturias’ skins are known for combining fresh-faced vitality with classical elegance, giving you the versatility that you have in your own life.

Tuli Zoe_003

The body is lovely and, as expected from an established and experienced skinner, it is flawless. There’s an extraordinary amount of versatility thanks to the tattoo layers which Tuli uses extensively. Those options are after the cut.

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A Touch of Color


One of my favorite finds at Modavia Fashion Week was this lovely mostly black and white floral print dress from Anubis Style. I say mostly black and white because the special touch that really enchanted me were the occasional colored flowers sprinkled in among the black and white ones.
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Summer Sun

The summer sun can be enervating, but Lelutka has the solution – the Berthold hat. Now, I am one of those people who wonder about the logistics of things, so I assume that this is going to be one of those hats that you buy when you get to your vacation destination and ship home. It won’t fit easily in a suitcase and if you try to wear it on a plane, I think you will be arrested! Still, it’s gorgeous, if impractical.

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Sepia Dreams

Sometimes an outfit just is so infused with vintage romantic motifs that I can’t resist using the sepia Windlight settings and hitting the Sepia filter in PhotoShop just for an indulgence in sentiment. That’s what happened when I wore this lingerie from Casa del Shai that came complete with a feather fan. Seriously, it was the fan!

I wore the lingerie with the gorgeous new dress from Baiastice named Diva in Satin. It has such a 20’s Art Deco feeling with the gorgeous print that the Tamara lingerie from Casa del Shai just seemed in keeping with the look. The bodice of the bra shows just a bit at the cleavage and could, to some people, seem a bit inappropriate, but I like the added definition and diminsion.

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