I've been framed

Okay, I resisted the Lost Angel pose frames for over a month, but temptation won out in the long run. No wonder Lost Angel is doing the Seven Deadly Sins, they are the font of temptation.  Seriously, these frames are just plain fun….and they made the photo shoot to show off these great finds at Curious Kitties fun as well.

Now I have mentioned this little wardrobe trick before, but it bears repeating. We all know boots are problematic under pants, so we invest in ankle boots. Now what happens if we put on a pair of boots and remove the leg prims? What do we get? Ankle boots. That’s what I did so I could wear the luscious mulberry crock tall boots from Stiletto Moody.  These lovely brocade pants from Curious Kitties actually come with larger bottoms, but I took them in a bit in Edit Appearance. I just prefer a narrower pant leg and also loved the brocade texture too much to lose it in a big wide bell at the bottom.

The Oru top is from Curious Kitties and comes only on the shirt layer. I would really like more layer options so I could not only wear the belt but also a jacket. However, I loved the color print and especially was drawn to it because it was so reminicent of the stones in the EarthTones Vintage Crows set.  They seem to be made for each other.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

  • Skin: Tuli Elizabeth Wisteria
  • Eyes: IC Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Candy Nail Clear Purple and Purple
  • Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around
  • Socks: Nanogunk Tintable Pantleg socks
  • Pants Curious Kitties Black
  • Boots: Stiletto Moody Tall Boot Croc (just the bottoms)
  • Tops: Curious Kitties Oru Top
  • Bangles: DeLa
  • Jewelry: EarthTones Vintage Crows Earrings and Necklace
  • 2nd Necklace: Viva La Glam MM Multi Jewel Charm Necklace
  • Belts: CAllie Clint Fat Belt Dark Pink, Sven Olbers Doublet Belt Lilac

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