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I've been framed

Okay, I resisted the Lost Angel pose frames for over a month, but temptation won out in the long run. No wonder Lost Angel is doing the Seven Deadly Sins, they are the font of temptation.  Seriously, these frames are just plain fun….and they made the photo shoot to show off these great finds at Curious Kitties fun as well. Continue reading

A Star is Born…

Not really. I was busy yesterday building a concert stage for a live concert by Maht and his friend Ethan later this month and wanted to check out the spotlight placement so I hopped on the stool and took a few snaps. As you can see the spotlight falls behind, not in front of the face, so folks at the concert will have a clear view and can snap photos without any trouble.  However, if I were a rock star, I would be perfectly at home on the stage with always perfect Adam n Eve leather pants and this adorable top from CHI. Continue reading