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Happy Birthday Truth, Or SHOULD I SAY CHARLIE

So then, today is Truth Hawk’s birthday. We’re all wishing him a Happy Birthday as good friends should but, I had a eureka moment earlier that I think I’m going to have to share.

You see, Truth and I aren’t terribly close but I do like him. As a blogger, I can honestly say he’s the dealer of one of my drugs of choice, hair. Hair baby hair mama, everywhere daddy daddy….

But, I realized something today. Today is Truth’s birthday. Today is Charlie Sheen’s birthday. Truth lives in LA. Charlie Sheen lives in LA. I NEVER SEE THEM TOGETHER. And, obviously Charlie Sheen could not worry about losing that gig on 2 and a Half Men since he OBVIOUSLY HAD HIS SL TRUTH HAIR MONEY TO FALL BACK ON. Oh yes, I’m on to you MISTER HAWKS. I HAVE SEEN THROUGH YOU RUSE.

I’m not saying, I’m JUST SAYING.

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Etheria has Returned, This Time With Painted Ladies

The ETHERIA Event has opened up as of yesterday with a theme of PAINTED LADIES to challenge the creators participating. Think, old west harlots of the elegant sort.

Ladies to the manner born, as it were. Continue reading

Is you is or is you ain't


I am wearing this gorgeous dress from ICING for the Vintage Fair. I don't know why, but it made me think of that great old song from Louis Jordan. So there's no secret message in this post.

Oh, I got a man that’s always late
Any time we have a date
But I love him
Yes I love him

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An Investment Dress


The Shimmy Dress from ICING is one of those wardrobe foundations that you can build a wardrobe around. It has all the hallmarks of an investment dress – a classic silhouette that is never out of style, multiple layer options to coordinate with other clothing, colors that work in every season, and quality construction that is deceptively simple. These are qualities that make a dress take on a different mood as its styled with different accessories.

This is the dress for the quick change artist in you. In this post I will show you how easy it is to take a good investment dress and make several looks from high fashion to funky bohemian to vintage classic, all with a few accessory changes. Don’t for a second think this was all, either. I had several other possibilities in mind, but thought five was more than enough to make the case for this investment dress.  There are many investment pieces out there. While not making it an official “challenge” I would love to see what ideas you have for investment purchases that build a versatile wardrobe.

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The Cloud 9 dress from Icing had such a lovely sparkle that I had to find the right setting to show it off. I hopped around exploring new places for about 40 minutes before deciding to go back to the wonderful, tried and true, Embryo.


Embryo is such a beautiful sim and so romantically lush with flowers and that gorgeous rich, red draping that I am in love with.
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Jumpin' and Jivin' at Junkyard Blues… with Miss Luci!

When the posse was looking for what to wear this Saturday for Miss Luci’s set at Junkyard Blues we remembered these CUTE lil’ car hop outfits from *Icing* and just had to get them… and Miss Luci… found a cute poodle skirt outfit too at S.Town Fashion!

JY Blues 8 27 11

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Recovering From The Long Weekend

It was a long weekend in most of North America, it was it was. It was Canada Day on Friday of last week and Independence Day in the U.S. on Monday and I don’t know what Mexico and the rest of North America was up to, but surely they found some way to participate in the leisure our giant land mass took over the past few days. Continue reading

Rumor Has It


Rumor has it that Hair Fair is coming soon! It starts next weekend, to be specific. You should check out the Hair Fair blog for up to date information, including an explanation for their decision to set up as two sets of two sims instead of one set of four. As someone who has spent 20 minutes or more at a time bouncing off a sim border – that explanation makes sense to me.  However, I think the best idea for this year is the creation of a Hair Fair Demo group you can join.  Think of the possibilities. Not only can you try on the demos at your lag-free home at your leisure, but you could get together with friends and have a Demo Dance. Gidge & I threw a Hair Demo party once and it was hysterical.

Speaking of rumors, here’s a happy one and a true one. Miko Omegamu is back releasing new clothing for Icing. It’s been nearly a year since her last release, so I was thrilled to go to Icing and pick up this gorgeous Pink Lemonade dress.


Okay, neither of those were rumors. However, since I shot the dress at The Rumor, I could not resist the conceit. The Rumor is a beautifully made market sim that has a very photogenic landing point. And a camel with pink hair!!! Continue reading

Menage a'trois

Now that I have your attention – I am referring to this menage made from Shiki Designs, Icing and SiniStyle that I am wearing today. It began when I put on the Tokyo Night Dress from Shiki Designs. It had a plain dark grey skirt with a cream underskirt and was perfectly cute, but not what I wanted.  It also had short sleeves. So…I kept the gorgeous top with the amazing knit texture and the fur trim and trolled my inventory for a skirt – finding this one as part of the Icing Curlicue ensemble.  I had just received the new Vogue that has a marvelous article about fur trim on sleeves and necklines and that made me think I should add sleeves – and still keep the fur on the upper arms. Digging a little deeper in my inventory, I found the Lilith sleeves from SiniStyle – just sleeves…but really cool ones, don’t you think?

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