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After the Doom

I come in to the settlements to get news or when it’s barter time, just to make an appearance.  It’s important not to be forgotten out here. Not that anyone would be likely to be helpful if there was help that was needed. It’s more about position, about who you are in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t barter.

I take what I want and everyone can just like it or not.  Mostly, I don’t take anything. No need to create friction, unless I just feel like having a fight. Mostly I don’t.

I come in to the main settlement every few weeks and wander around the perimeter. You never know what you’re going to find in the settlements, newcomers, oldbies with an axe to grind that’s as old as glitchpants, or calm. I am not here for trouble, just to learn what’s new, and to remind them I’m here.

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I think when you’re shopping you should dress well enough that you don’t feel all pathetic and underdressed and end up buying out the store. However, I do think shopping in a ball gown is lagtastic. I like to dress the way I would in RL, comfortably in chic casual clothing with some layering in case the air condition is on. This little mashup of items form Anuenue, Kookie and Canimal is just right. The shoes, by the way, are from Kalnins and it’s worth it to make a size 11 foot copy of your shape and toss in the folder with the shoes for easy dressing.

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Ciphers are a girl's best friend

Frankly, I have also heard the same about diamonds. However, if you’re talking fashion – the store Cipher on Mooncat Izumo is definitely in the girl’s best friend category with some hot jackets that are fresh and unique designs like this shrug I am wearing with a Canimal dress.  Nothing brings a dress up a notch as well as well-chosen shrug or jacket and the Cipher jackets are amazing.

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Mixing it up a bit

Sometimes outfits are so complete and create such a statement that we don’t think about trying to mix them up with other clothes. They have such a strong look as they are. This sometimes makes frugal shoppers think twice about buying since they believe they will only get one look, but I would submit that if the clothing makes a strong statement as a whole, its parts will be strong as well and can be mashed up with other outfits. For example, here we have Mina from Blue Blood where I have switched out the skirt for a more casual look.

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The Poisoned Apple

When you want to feel ghoulish and girlish at the same time, I suggest you head over to Lemania Indigoo’s place.  She says Halloween is her favorite holiday and she is making it easy for us to celebrate in style with several costumes. One stunner is her Wicked Stepmother costume – and in the holiday spirit, she’s offering it for only 100 L at Hotel Dare. So get thee gone!

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My Costume Last Year

I have a deep admiration for Angelina Jolie – an actress who invests tremendous energy and time in aiding the most vulnerable, the refugees who are homeless, stateless and often forgotten. And I also love the Tomb Raider computer game and the movies. So what better choice for my first Halloween in Second Life than to come as Lara Croft?

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Demon Love

So when I received two outfits from Kunglers to review and saw that lovely black and white fabric texture in the Metropolli dress was, I was not surprised to see it reviewed several times over on the feed. It’s just that kind of fabric and that kind of dress. I decided to look at the other outfit the sisters sent me and a little black and white light bulb clicked in my head.  Why not toss the two outfits in a bag, shake them up and see what falls out?

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Holy Pink Leopards, Batman, It's Part III

There is a second workroom at the Photo Studio – on the ocean floor.  Down there we have two photospheres set up and that’s where we have all sort of silliness laying around to dress up photos. From moons, to rainbows to shamrocks to raining rose petals on wedding cakes, we have a garden of strangeness on the ocean floor. You can see some of the things to play with behind me in this photo in which I am wearing pink leopard skin. Now what could get me to wear pink leopard skin?   Continue reading