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Maybe Makybe

Makybe Whippet & Buck

I was drawn to this dress after seeing Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow sporting her 99th outfit with a white Peter Pan collar attached to it because it was a pleasure to see a dress where a Peter Pan collar made sense. This is a sweet and simple casual dress without the layers of lace and chiffon and sequins that she wears with her white collars. Don’t get me wrong. I like an unusual detail and fashion eccentricities, but when it becomes a schtick, people stop paying attention to you and pay attention to your gimmick instead.

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Chiaroscuro – a Lighting How-To

MiaMai Sweet

Reader and blogger Isabelli Anatine asked for a tutorial on how to get a chiaroscuro effect in Second Life photos and so here goes. First I started out the making myself a projector as I already explained how to do in an earlier tutorial Lighting, Shadows and Projectors, Oh My!.

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DF Stands for Damn Fine (or Donna Flora)

Midnight with Projectors

For me and all the others who worked on the Donna Flora A to Z project, this third new dress in the last month is an encouraging sign on growing strength. I always looked forward to Squinternet Larnia’s weekly notecard of new releases because she is a designer that produces new, fun and different designs. Though sometimes I wondered if she ever slept when I looked at how many releases she used to do each week. It’s exciting that she’s back to producing new things for all of us – even if at a slower pace. This new Harlow dress has all the hallmarks of a Donna Flora design, elegant, feminine and romantic with a special Damn Fine detail that shows it’s hers. In this case, the ombre skirt that takes the pastel dress from sunshine to shadow. It comes in three colors, blue, pink and yellow. I chose the yellow because it was the most literal sunshine to shadow.
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Barra Barra


When I put on the Star dress from Alafolie I was so distracted by the glitter of the paillettes that I didn’t even notice on of the best features of the dress until I hopped over to The Velvet to listen in on a friend’s set and spend the evening dancing. That was when I noticed how beautifully the dress moved. But you don’t have to take my word for it, I shot a very short little movie that I will post after the cut so you can see for yourself. As to the dress, I love this simplicity of the idea of the intense coverage of paillettes that decreases as they go away from the bodice.
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Hey, Everybody, Have You Heard?


I bet you thought I was going to mention Vintage Fair, didn’t you? Well, you are mostly right, but there is that old traditional song that has been revitalized and covered by everyone and their sister. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anyone “gonna buy me a diamond ring” right soon, so turn that soundtrack down in the back. Yes, I admit it, I am going to slather and drool all over the Vintage Fair, but I think that’s okay, I slather and drool over vintage all the time and this is the first exposition of vintage designs I can recall. One of the wonders I found at the Fair is this sweet and lovely day dress from Paper Doll. Yellow is such a tricky color, but I do love this pale lemon that is just about the shade of washed butter or shaved lemon ice. It’s such a delectable color it makes me think of yummy foods, I notice. I will confess that my avatar build is not even close to the build this dress was made for, but it’s modifiable and with plenty of stretching I finally got it big enough to go around my waist. As you can see, once fitted, it looks good in many positions.

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Purple Monkey Dishwasher


Struggling to come up with a name for this 2451st post was keeping me from getting this done, but I remembered a few months back that someone had asked for blog post title suggestions. AS you can see, such suggestions need not make sense. This one came from Darkley Aeon, the Guerilla Avatar. I guess if I had a purple monkey, I would train him to do the dishes. Doing dishes is one of my least favorite tasks, mainly because I am one of those people, you know the ones that get water down the front of the shirt and on the floor while washing a plate, a cup and a spoon. I can splash my face and get soap in my eye when doing a sinkful of dishes which is why I tend to wash dishes 6 times a day – everytime I dirty a dish. So, if you have a purple monkey in need of a home, send him my way. I am sure he could wash dishes better than me. But could he style this outfit? I don’t think so. I think any monkey that allowed himself to be purple-ized would just make a hash out of styling anything but rainbows and butterflies.

I went over to Milvus to investigate ater reading about it in the Destination Guide. It looks amazing and I will definitely go back for more picture taking soon. It was near the top of the list in the Destination Guide so I was not the only one checking it out. It was quite busy – so I found a quiet corner for my snaps and stored the bookmark with a promise to go back soon.
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House of Dashwood for Couture of Hope


The Avenue Couture of Hope fundraiser for Relay For Life is chock full of beautiful designs – which is fitting since hope is a beautiful thing. I particularly love the bodice on this gorgeous dress from House of Dashwood. Appropriately named Serapina after the angels, it’s a lovely and angelic white dress with lovely flowing tulle panels that bring to mind the wings of the seraphim.
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Without Borders


Before I became ill, I would get a call every two or three months to meet with a delegation of people touring the US with the State Department’s International Visitors Program. Generally the people I met with were activists in their own countries working to advance democracy and human rights or elected and appointed leaders in newly formed democracies. I would talk about activism and organizing, explain how we choose issues, organize volunteers and our efforts to combat racism, sexism and economic oppression in the United States. It’s hard to explain the excitement of teaching Get Out The Vote methods and strategies to someone preparing for their countries very first election in 41 years or discussing ways to frame gender oppression issues in terms of widely held values with women activists advocating for women’s rights in Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan, but it is intoxicating. These are people who risk far more than I ever will to make fundamental changes in the lives of their people.

A firm believer in the pedagogy of the oppressed as a teaching method, I learned as much from the visitors as they learned from me. One of the most inspiring and fascinating visitors was a volunteer at Médecins Sans Frontières who lead their work against human trafficking. Before I met him, I knew trafficking existed, but had no idea how extensive it is. MSF, or Doctors Without Borders, won the Nobel for their work providing aid to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters. It’s exciting that the huge fashion event Culture Shock that begins on May 1st will be raising funds for this wonderful and courageous worldwide charity.

There will be 174 stores participating in this huge event – all producing three exclusive items for the event and donating 50-100% of sales to MSF.  In today’s outfit, the dress and hair are items you will be able to find at Culture Shock. Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice created this stunning Mattina dress for Culture Shock. It comes in several colors but I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful parfait colored dress – the hot colors version of the dress. I shot the pictures at Dragonfly, a magical sim where you cannot shoot a bad picture.
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The Robber Brides

The Robber Bride is one of my favorite books by Margaret Atwood, a modern spin on the Brother’s Grim Tale where instead of a male villain – the female takes the role, stealing the loves of three women and binding them together in friendship.

Their dislike of her and the way she spun their lives is the binding force that keeps them together.

My first thought, as Cajsa and I twirled around the store in the demo versions of these gowns, was “Always a bridesmaid never a bride…” But then we travelled to World’s End to shoot and we seemed far more menacing and powerful against the gloom and dark of the build.

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Say Yes To The Dress

Petunia With Gidge_021
As soon as the demos for this gown rezzed on our bodies, Gidge and I knew that we had really found something special. It reminded me of the magical moments on the show Say Yes to the Dress and its sexy styling reminded me of the show’s favorite designer Pnina Tornai.
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