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An Ode to Collabor88


Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
So do fashionistas hasten to spend
Their lindens at the fabled store,
Where prices with an 8 must end.

Fashions released into the light,
Inspirations are monthly crowned.
So colors and styles do not fight
But work together in a colorful round.

Fashion’s flourish is on the eight.
And hordes descend to browse and buy
The sim is full if you are late.
But worthy shoppers, in delight do cry

“I made it in! I can browse to my heart’s content
Or, at least until all my lindens are spent.”

Yeah, I know. Don’t quit the day job.

Let’s be honest, we all look forward to the 8th. It’s not just that there is a monthly collection of fashion derring-do, but there’s a fascination in discovering how the different designers take the same inspiration and colors and produce so many very different results. This month, Collabor88 doyenne and Sea Hole designer, Drinkenstein Sorbet, was inspired by the warmer climes of India, producing the Pan Bahatt collection. The collection features a sexy, skimpy top and skirt in bold Indian prints and colors. However, coming from a cooler state, I decided to just wear the skirt. It’s strange, I know, but I feel a bit chilly when my avatar is not dressed for the weather. The skirt, though, is a delight and can be mixed with so many other things.

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I’ve Been Bad…..

Now that I have your attention….. Well, I kinda have been bad.  It’s been more than a month since my last blog post.  I’ve gotten out of habit and I really need to jump back into the fire.   So, with that, I have my contribution for Week 6 of the 52 Week’s of Color – Alice Blue.  And its a saucy lil’ lingerie set from Lil’Lace, called Sugar Blue. (Sorry I’m not in-world and do not have LM’s).

Alice Blue - Full

More after the cut…..
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Merry Christmas, Faery

Faery Sola_002

The strangest idea has gained currency over the past few centuries to the point that the majority of people on the planet are flat out wrong about one of the most basic facts of life: Fairies do exist. People don’t often see fairies and they move faster than hummingbird wings, but I am certain every single one of you reading this post have caught a flash of movement in the corner of your eye, but when you looked, you could not see what it was. Well, that was a fairy. Of course, fairies do come to rest and that’s when you can really see them. Sadly, though, most of us are not looking in the right direction. We are such an earthbound people we forget to look up to see what is right there in front of our eyes.

Faery Sola_007

Fairies are much more common in trees than on the ground. After all, they are often barefoot. They don’t want to get their feet muddy and wet because they can catch colds. When fairies catch cold, the whole world shudders from the force of their sneezing. Those people who deny the science of global climate change are unknowingly onto something. The fairy world has been beset with colds and flus as their immune system becomes weakened by human skepticism and disbelief. As an alternative to conserving fossil fuels and reducing our carbon imprint, we merely have to all of us begin believing in fairies.
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Come back to 1969 tonight at The Velvet for this 10th in the 52 week Rock Per Annum weekly tour of rock music history. DJ Maht Wuyts will be spinning music from the year 1969 – the year that man walked on the moon and over 350,000 people gathered on a farm in Bethel, NY, for a seminal music event – Woodstock. This was a year of increasing protests against the Vietnam War as the first draft lottery since 1942 was held. It was the year of the Chicago 8 Trial and the Charles Manson murders. Richard Nixon became president and immediately threw away his pledge to end the Vietnam War. Operation Menu, the secret bombing of Cambodia was launched. Meanwhile, the Air Force declared there were no UFOs.


Fashion in 1969 was a little bit of everything. There were officially five skirt lengths that were all “in fashion” from the micro, the standard (formerly known as the mini), the kneesie (for dressing up), to the midi and the maxi. Jersey knits were popular and worning in clinging wrap dresses. Kilts were another fashion hit as were pattern mixing of plaids, stripes and dots. Ethnic bohemian fashion continued to be popular with gypsy tops and long print skirt and granny boots remaining a popular item. Another popular fashion trend that carried forward from 1968 was the Bonnie and Clyde look, thanks to the successful movie. This lead to a resurgence of interest in Art Deco – particularly in jewelry.

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“Fashion is self-consciously sociological and frankly featherbrained. It’s classic and immediate. Nostalgic and now. Worldly and other-worldly. Whatever’s happening you are part of it and at last you can be yourself and look as you choose.” English Vogue, 1968

1968 was the year fashion run amok. Hemlines on the runway ranged from the mini to just above the knee to the midi and the maxi. Women wore midi-coats with mini-skirts and minidresses over bell-bottoms. Velvet jumped off the formal rack and raced over to casuals and was seen everywhere. Thrift store chic meant looking like you dressed in a thrift store, not actually dressing in a thrift store. Fashion became not just a way of looking good, but a signifier of political and generational divides. Tonight you can visit the wild and crazy 1968 at The Velvet from 7 to 9 SLT – as Rock per Annum moves forward one more year.


1967 was the Summer of Love and 1968 was the year of sorrow. Martin Luther King was assassinated. So was Bobby Kennedy. The My Lai Massacre revealed that the American soldiers were not always the “good guys” of the romanticized war movies. The Tet Offensive challenged the military superiority of the American army. Richard Nixon is elected president after derailing the Paris peace talks by contacting the North Vietnamese and promising a better peace treaty with him. But it was not a completely horrible year. Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in a black power salute when getting their medals at the Olympics in Mexico. The Civil Rights Act was signed. Yale University opened admission to women. Intel was founded and President Johnson ordered that all computers purchased by the government support ASCII encoding, paving the way for generations of ASCII artists. Elvis made a comeback and the Beatles released The White Album and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In debuted.
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BoHo HoBo Presents … Mena a Runway Show

Runway show November 13th, 1pm slt. as Part of Peacefest 2011
…. What do you want to do.. sit around and be lazy all day?

BoHo HoBo - Mena Runway Show

BoHo HoBo presents Meena, a runway show and a new shop named Meena, is in honour of the founding member of RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan which has been fighting for human rights, democracy and social justice in Afghanistan since 1971. All proceeds from the sales of both Meena, and BoHo HoBo go to RAWA in order to help fund schools, orphanages, clinics and income generating projects for Afghan people.

The style of clothes is ‘Afghanistan Bohemian’. It is a hybrid of traditional Afghan styles and western styles of clothes. Traditional afghan styles have a lot of variety due to the many ethnic groups represented in Afghanistan, as well as it’s historic place on the ancient silk road and the influences of the various cultures that have passed through this desert country. Tajik, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kuchi nomad, Indian, Turkish and Persian styles are all influencing factors in the style of traditional Afghan clothes and as well in this collection of Afghanistan Bohemian wear.

Join us at the Fashion show….. at Meena.

SLURL – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Four%20Bridges%20Exhibit/31/27/55

*Don’t forget to pick up the gift that’s next to the staircase!

BoHo HoBo… done it again!

A great new leather jacket from BoHo HoBo and a new skirt… I’m a happy girl… AND  a fashion show!  Hurry you can still make it!  BoHo Fusion starts at 6pm SLT – 10/2/11!

BoHo HoBo 10 02 11

This leather jacket (shown in the turquoise sleeve version) is also available in red and black. It does require the use of an alpha layer… so be warned… but it only hides some of the back and arms… its an ALL prim jacket.. but LOOK AT IT… gorgeous! Fabulous details in all the trim on this work of pixel art! And don’t forget the skirt… a great Bohemian patchwork skirt, flows beautifully and looks great with the bandeau top, also from BoHo HoBo!

Style Notes:
Jacket: BoHo HoBo – turquoise sleeve leather jacket
Skirt: BoHo HoBo – Kuchi skirt 1
Top: BoHo HoBo – Bandeau top in hibiscus
Jewelry: Earthstones – Peace Set
Hair: Truth – Marielle – Walnut
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Autumn Moon
Skin: Lara Hurley – Odette – Pale
Nails: je suis – basic nails – red
Makeup: Amacci – lip tattoo, frosted red 1 — Amacci – eyelash tattoo 2
Poses: STaTUS


Trill Zapatero of BoHo HoBo has done it again. She has created an amazing set of jeans for your casual look in SL!  They come in seven colors ~ Holy Moly, Black, Blue, Faded, Houndstooth, Patched and Popsicle.
BoHo HoBo Jeans Pack
All the jeans come with both skinny and bell bottom prim leg attachments. Her textures are fabulous and the colors amazing, but what I love most of all….. her belts… she makes just a belt END, so you have a prim buckle and belt end and you don’t have some silly belt that you are spending hours trying to fit to your hips!

Swing by BoHo HoBo today and get yourself some of her amazing jeans… and see what other funky stuff you can find while there!

Hobo'n It Up @ the Yard

I found this cute little shop called BoHo HoBo and thought it would have something PERFECT for the Posse to wear this week, and guess what? I was right! Check out these awesome dresses and long coats.
JY Blues 8 6 11 3
We’ve each paired them with a cute hat and a pair of boots.
JY Blues 8 6 11 2
But the real fun of this is the blast we are all having at the Junkyard listening to the sexy voice of Miss Luci in between the GREAT Blues she spins for us on this Saturday night!
JY Blues 8 6 11 1
Join us at Junkyard Blues weekly (Saturday Nights 6-9 pm SLT) for Blues, debauchery and fashion.