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Blue Christmas


Donna Flora released some beautiful gowns before Christmas that may have stuffed a few stockings since they were transferable. The gowns are called Faith and come in five fabulous colors. This one is Argentina – with its splashes of silver.

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Malice Aforethought


This fabulously hot new gown from MiaMai is just a small part of her InMutatio collection that was released Saturday with an extravaganza that people are still talking about. This collection is Monica Outlander’s most exciting to date and there are options for fashionistas of all stripes. For the more sedate, there are two gowns, this Malice gown and its counterpart in ivory called Pure.


I wanted a setting that suited the powerful design in this dress so I headed off to Zone where the giants walk.
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Porcelain & China


When I saw the delicate tones of the new Baiastice skins in the Porcelain tone coupled with the delicacy of the lace jacket for this DCNY outfit, I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot – in China. Not the China of hustle, bustle and the Great Wall, but the watercolor China that you can find in the magnificent China sim.


This shot gives you just a small idea of the wonderful photographic opportunities you can find in China. I also played a little bit with perspective, using the CTL-8 lens change to the max to give it a shift in perspective.

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What To Wear To a Theme Party?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Our second computer is fritzed, so I couldn’t bring Silo along as my date for the Second Style Sim opening theme party which was replete with gorgeous couples in costumes of famous lovers.

But I needed to go, even just for a while. I was not only excited about the Sim opening but you know, I WORK FOR THEM, so it would’ve been really inappropriate to miss – but – WHAT TO FLIPPING WEAR? Continue reading

Bijou Beauties

I am in love with the new high-waisted skirts from Bijou. The come in bold, vibrant primary colors and black and white tank tops with a lovely ruffle collar. The tank top is fairly ordinary and the collar really needs a more substantial top than what is provided – though most of us have some white and black button downs that would do the trick in a pinch. The skirt – though- that’s the gem in this outfit with body-flattering curved panels that could make a twig look curvy and shapely – this is a flattering, hot and sexy skirt. The zipper and grommet details, the curving tulip shape that reveals a lot of leg, every effort has been made to make this dress hawt. Be careful while dressing that you don’t scorch your fingers.

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Pixel Perfect

Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do is one of those people my mother would have called a stickler – someone whose attention to detail and passion for perfection produces consistently high quality work. This Brocade Princess gown is an example of that pixel perfection at work. Like all of Shiryu’s creations, this is made with lovingly hand textures that meld into skillfully aligned seams and create a graceful and elegant classic addition to your wardrobe.

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Who ate Tarzan?

Whilst wandering around some of the new shopping sims I found BeetleBones – a fun little clothing store where I picked up this love dark blue leopard print dress with the best name ever for a leopard print anything. It’s called “I Ate Tarzan!”  How perfect is that. Such wit and humor must be rewarded so I picked up the adorable little dress – a strapless shirtwaist that I paired with another of those lovely shrugs from BOOM – the Wrong Size Cardigan.

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This gorgeous dress is called Chinoiserie and is from Icing. I had styled it a few weeks ago, when it was newly released, for a shoot for Second Style. But the vagaries of SL intervened and the reporter moved on from the magazine. So, no Second Style moment of glam for the dress and me. Oh well! To pay homage to what “might have been.” I have shot the photos on the white background with the Caliah Lyon windlight settings just so we all can pretend.

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Quick Look:Pink Outfitters

posted by Gidge Uriza

It never ceases to amaze me that I don’t own all of Pink Outfitters. They sell amazing, solid and femme seperates in addition to sweet little numbers like this one.

My old boss would’ve told me to send this girl home, if she came to work wearing this dress. When I said “Why?” She’d have just said “Meow.”

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