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Bandana Day:Sister Moon

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sister Moon, Will Be My Guide

In Your Blue Blue Shadows, I would Hide

All Good People are asleep Tonight

I’m all by myself in your silver light

I would gaze at your face, the whole night through.

I’d go out of my mind but for you.

All my love to everyone I’ve loved who wore the bandana, and all those who wear it now. Our hearts are with you, now, as always.

Style Notes

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations Grace Fair in SrpingWine
  • Bandana – Damselfly – soft pink
  • Top – Cupcakes – Top from the Something Floral Dress
  • Pants – Axel – Deev pants in purple
  • Shoes- Stiletto moody – Mary Jane Pop Sandals
  • Bracelets – AC GIRL
  • Ring – EXODI – Rrishanna
  • Earrings – Primagine – Sandy Pastel Flowers
  • Moon – Faery Sola/Studio Sidhe

Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I know I know, I WORE you out last year with nothing but red, white and blue the week before July 4. I’m letting you OFF the hook this year with a minimal invasion of Patriotica.

But you didn’t think you’d get away Scot-free did you? I have to look up that phrase! Scott free, scott-free, scot-free – I have no idea. It’s probably some sort of slur even – but they’re my people so I feel free to dog them šŸ™‚

BACK TO MY TOPIC! July 4….putting it to the British Empire –Ā Continental Army style………….We The People…………..

Well, it’s like this. There has been more than a bit of brouhaha this year about the wearing of the flag and while I don’t mind wearing stars and stripes prints I don’t care for wearing ACTUAL flags (which, I note IS NOT THE SAME)……..regardless…….to avoid the drama I opted to salute Old Glory and this important day IN Red White and Blue colors.

The pants and top are from the beauties at AXEL and are a super pick up any time of year. They come in a variety of colors but these holiday colors are perfect, aren’t they?

But now, the finishing touch – the JEWELRY! YAY EarthStones has once again created beautiful July 4 Jewelry! Last year the jewelry was amazing and once again Abraxxa has created lovelies PLUS SHOES! Wheee! Continue reading

Cool Nights in The Mountains

posted by Gidge Uriza

After posting a super fun dress I found at Weatherby’s while shopping with Belle, I got a big old bag of goodies dropped on me from them. HOW sweet! It included this dress, #5 that is just irresistable in it’s color splash joy.

New Zuri Hair from Aleri Darkes

New Zuri Hair from Aleri Darkes

It’s still cool enough at night to warrant a light sweater where I am, and I knew I picked up this bolero length sweater from AXEL for a reason. It’s a great compliment to some of the swirls in the dress. Continue reading

Where's Gainsborough When You Need Him?

Okay, okay, I know it’s a stretch, but after I put this on I could not resist the comparison. Of course, Blue Boy was all satin and lace and this is suede and corduroy. I know, think of it as working class Blue Boy.Ā  This actually a mash-up that began with the blue dress from AXEL. It had a lovely undershirt and leggings in an array of colors and looked cute, but perhaps because of my mood just did not pop for me. So I started rummaging around in my folders and pulled out these blue suede pants from Baiastice. This is actually the first time I have worn the leg prims. Normally I wear them with boots. I remembered these old Bronte slippers from Adam N Eve which had me rummaging around for white knee socks and a tenuous resemblance to Blue Boy. These are lovely vintage slippers and that little froth of lace just makes me smile.

Continue reading

Sunday Afternoons At the Velvet With George

Gidge has the perfect outfit for Sunday Afternoons at the Park with George and, someday, I am sure she will get around to blogging it. As for me, well my Sunday afternoons are usually spent at The Velvet where MDR business partner Maht spins a couple hours of great music mixes. This Sunday I wore this made-for-dancing Splatter r DressĀ  from Axel. I had stopped by Axel earlier on Sunday to admire their ambitious store remodel.Ā  I was impressed with the beauty of the store and with the thoughtful arranging of outfits.Ā  It was hard to limit my spending, but who can complain when the fruits are as adorable as this.

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More Silly Than Naive!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I love skins that have LIPS I CAN SEE (like this one) and eyeshadow that interests me. I’m not always so into the artsy eyes, but once in a while one will catch my eye. What I like most of all, though, is make up that is interesting enough to catch your eye without being garish.


I am afraid that the Fashion Mafia may revoke my card if I admit this aloud – but this is indeed my FIRST skin from Adam n Eve. Continue reading

Backpacking Alone In Mexico

posted by Gidge Uriza

With my busy shooting schedule plus a store to run plus a hunt to get ready for (duh it’s started!) and a slew of friends I love to spend time with……I rarely have those moments alone anymore.

I don’t know if you ever have had them in SL, but those perfect moments of quiet……where you’re just exploring something, wandering…….experiencing that quiet solitude that you can find in suchĀ a huge world on a quiet night. Continue reading

Disco Mix and Match

posted by Gidge Uriza

The new disco pants – Hup Hugger Gold Sparkle – required something flashy to wear with them. I decided I was Cajsa, and that I was going to pull part of another outfit away and make it work with this outfit! I took the top and the sleeves from AXEL’s Dolly Dress which is a fun retro satin texture and made a great pairing.

This is another great example of mining your inventory to make a whole new look out of things you already have!Ā  Unless you’re a SLebrity you’re like me and want to make those lindens count, so mixing and matching pieces together is a great way to get a new look out of things you already have. Continue reading

Casual Friday in Style

posted by Gidge Uriza

I saw this sweater on my first trip through Axel. It’s in the walkway where you rezz up – and as I passed it my first instinct was “Must Have”. But I was in a crunch, at that time, I wanted their cute Halloweenie Tanks and then I also wanted to check out the rest of their offerings. Continue reading

An Ode to Brown

Brown is the color of some of the best things in the world, like coffee and cocoa and chocolate. The earth that sustains us all is brown, so why doesn’t brown get the sort of respect that black does? Why when we think high impact fashion, do we think of black, white and red? Seriously, it’s the Rodney Dangerfield of colors. And that’s so unfair because it works so hard at making us look good. Whether the light tan of this sweater dress from Axel or the rich brown of the argyle socks from BettiePage Voyager, brown is working its heart out in this outfit.

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