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Loooooooonng Weekend!! Fun is Colors!! :D

 Loooooooooooooooooooong Weekend!!! Happy Friday everyone!!! I called in sick today to have a 4 day weekend.. shhhh don’t tell.. hehehe But!!! I have a very colorful outfit for you for the Memorial day weekend!! Beach.. BBQ and remembrance of the veterans… n e whoser.. onto my outfit shall we? 🙂

 What can I say.. I am in love with ::HH:: Hucci  lately.. everything there is total win!! Now a closer look on the outfit <333

I hope you all had an amazing week and this weekend is along fun one!! Happy Memorial Day to you all and I will see you next week! <33333333333

Skin – -Belleza- – Aiko
Eyes – .ID. – Light Sensitive
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Hair – >TRUTH< – Cecilia
Eye Make-Up – *BOOM* – Express Liners and Mascaras
Shirt – ::HH:: Hucci – Color Splash T-Dress
Leggins – -SU!- – Leggings
Shoes – [e] – Move Pumps
Necklace – (NS) – Rock-n-Rolla Kiki Guitar Chain
Bracelets – /artilleri/ – Lulu bracelet
Earrings – *BOOM* – Ion Earrings

1st Pic – GLITTERATI – 160
2nd Pic Left to Right -Diesel Works Prima Donna14, [LAP] – TCM-BaddaBing, [LAP] – RCD-Classic Right

Ho Ho Hummmmm Monday! :P

 You know… One of the many things I love about SL is.. You can dress however you like and pull it off.. If I were to dress like this in RL.. I would get some of the most odd looks EVER!! Lol but in SL.. Anything go’s and its wonderful!! 🙂 I was feeling a little dark today.. Hints all the black in this post.. hehe But it was an excuse to wear my GTFO Boots from [Gos] and to wear mah new jacket from AOHARU.. Check out my LOTD…

Noooooww for the close ups on just mah outfit 🙂

I hope you like it!! I also want to wish you all a great start to the week on this Monday!! I will see you all again soon!! <3333333333

Skin – -Belleza- Erika
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Beryll
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Hair – [e] – Vivid
Shirt – -SU!- Tank Top Tattoo
Jacket – AOHARU – RollupRiders
Jeans – [ATOMIC] – Ripped Skinny Jeans 
Shoes – [Gos] – GTFO Boots
Belt – ~Pepper~ – Chained Belt
Necklace – (NS) – Rock-n-Rolla Kiki Guitar Chain
Bracelet – :sey – Leather wristband


Ohhhhaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Long time no see fashion friends!! 😀 I am so dearly sorry I have been away for so long.. but you all have been missed!! I took a fall in RL and had a fractured shoulder annnnnndd go figure I am right handed so It happened to be my right arm! hints why the box I am sitting on in the 1st pic says fragile!! Cause I am just that right now!! lolol n e whoser!! HI!!! Gawd.. its been so long!! heheh I hope I remember how to do this!! 😛 so… onto my look of the day shall we?!

Soooooo I know it’s not a new store.. but it was new to me when my bestest friend and wifeh Patience took me there a week or so ago.. annnndd I went crazy and I think I bought the whole store!! BUT! Gawk! has my heart with their tops.. dresses.. even their sweat pants I bought! love love loooovvvveee!!! Check it ouuuutt!! <3

Aaaaaannnndddd with all it said and done!! I miss you guys and hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!! I will see you tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed!! Now… roll the credits!!! hehehe <33333

Skin – -Belleza- – Erika
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Beryll
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Hair – >TRUTH< – Florence
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Shirt – Gawk! – Saucy Cyan Pattern Shirt
Pants – DeeTaleZ – Pants tasty Butt Jeans
Jacket – *Fishy Strawberry* – Waist Jacket
Boots – Kboots – black boxed
Necklace – * (NS) – Rock’n’Rolla Guitar Chain
Bracelets – .:Hermony:. – Wristlocker

Humpday LOTD

Yeaaa I got nothing for the title lol.. I had a RL Doctors appointment this morning.. sooooo im behind on work!! SO!! Here is my look of the day today! I promise Ill get back to the more detailed and on site pics again reallllly soon! But! Enjoy Lovies!! <3 

Skin – -Belleza- Erika
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Moroccan Nights – Freebie Eyes
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Hair – >TRUTH< – Rayne
Shirt – Hyper Culture – Black Lace Collection – Slecna 2
Pants – DeeTaleZ – Pants lowrider down
Shoes – [Gos] – GTFO Boots
Bracelets – .:Hermony:. – Wristlocker
Necklace – (NS) – Rock’n’Rolla Crossed Chain

Linna's Moods

I found the cutest shoes the other day while wandering looking at some shops. They are Sugar Skull Chucks from Naith Smith Design. Inspired by Day of the Dead skeleton cookies and candies, they are adorably macabre and had me reaching for this casual look from MichaMi. I am wearing one of my new shapes for Sui Generis. This is Linna and she will debut at the Skin/Shape Expo this coming weekend. She’s 5’10” which makes her petite by SL standards, though not too short unless you stand next to a 7’6″ avatar. Oh my!

This shape is based on a family photo. Most of the family is blonde and the resemblance is strong enough that I had to add blonde hair, like this Pine style from 69 because my usual red looked wrong with this face – one I am used to seeing on my blonde, blonde niece.  The skin from La Sylphide adds to the resemblance.

Like all Sui Generis shapes, Linna comes in three moods In the picture above, you can see the moods she comes with – from the subtle smile on the left, the basic look in the center and the melancholy mood on the right.  All Sui Generis shapes come with these three mood shapes plus a skirt shape.

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