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I went looking for ghosts and found candy

Okay, they are having altogether too much fun at KatatOnik this Halloween. I mean, look! Look! Candy Corn!  Yes, it’s adorable, darling, cute in all the right ways. And somehow they have me wearing candy corn — which is, I believe, a blob of hard corn syrup with food coloring. Well, even though I would never eat it, it is darling to wear. This was the find on the Ghost Hunt as is this entire outfit – a completely ghost hunt styling.

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More Ghost Hunting

Ooh, I am a terrible ghost hunter. I get stuck and hunt and hunt and hunt and cannot see what is in front of my nose. And I have a special “I’ll get you my pretty” for a few who shall remain nameless so as not to give too broad a hint. My the time I found the ghost with the run-around-and-hide-from-me script I was searching for a bang-my-head-against-the-wall gesture. By the time I found the tinted ghost, I was getting a little green around the gills myself. I imagine these folks tiptoeing around their stores giggling and cackling with glee as they placed the ghosts. Continue reading

Comfort Wear

I love Urban Bomb Unit’s PornStar Xtra HiTops. You can customize them to be dirty or shiny new, they can be up or folded down, you can change the fabric and the colors of the individual pieces including the laces and grommets. So, instead of one pair or two pair, with all the options, you really have eleventy-million pairs of shoes. And not just shoes, fun shoes that make you happy, that put a spring in your step and make you wanna dance

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Treasures Found

I only spent a few minutes at Sari’s treasure hunt looking for the big balls of yarn, but was thrilled with my find – a lovely Indian print outfit featuring this blouse with a different  skirt. After I put it on, I felt like exploring and went to ShowCase, the new search feature that replaces the Most Popular Places tab. It’s a great feature and has lead me to new places like the balloon ride – which crosses something like 20 sims and takes 30 minutes. Continue reading

Smoke Gets In My Eyes

I am sincerely appreciative of the many freebies and group gifts showered on Second Life’s residents by the clothing designers and creators. Some however, do strive to create group gifts that are in a different class and in that group, Sissy Pessoa is the Gold Medalist. From Grandma’s Closet to Snake Outfits to this lovely new gift this month that includes a chair and two cigarettes in holders for all you smoking AV’s out there. Me, I quit smoking July 8th, so when i took a puff my eyes closed. The next snap would have been me sneezing.  : )

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Wherein Yak & Yeti Go Crazy

Every once in awhile a fashion notice will pass by that makes you go hmmm. That’s what happened on Sunday when along came a notice from Yak & Yeti announcing everything in their store was now free. See, when you see a notice like either think it’s poor products, it’s a trick or, if you cynicometer is running low, you think you need to check it out.

So I did and it’s not junk and it’s not a trick and yes, you need to check it out. Yak & Yeti offers traditional Nepalese and Indian clothing and jewelry as well as adorable shoulder pets. That panda  at Yak & Yeti almost tempts me into shoulder pet-keeping. I got some wonderful jewelry there, including this ruby Bollywood set. Included, but not worn are two styles of nose-ring and a stone for the forehead. To wear with it, I decided to become a Dancing Queen. Continue reading

Hunting for Apples @ Lemania Indigo

I know I posted only a little over an hour ago, but wanted to encourage you to join in the hunt for this luscious winter coat with the wonderfully vintage 40’s look. You have to find all 15 apples, but they are of a good size, easy to spot and she very kindly placed them more or less in numerical order so if you are missing one, you just need to focus your hunt near the numerically adjacent apples. It took me less than an hour and that included taking a swan boat ride – which ends with another freebie and a few trips on the ferris wheel.

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