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04/05/2018 – May the Fourth be at Fameshed

This month’s Fameshed is an anniversary round, and most of the designers there have gifts for visitors. The problem with gifts at events is that usually, it’s one tiny crappy item that absolutely doesn’t reflect the quality of the designer. I always wonder why they even bother, if anything, it gives the brand bad publicity. Well, this time, it’s different. I was able to set up a complete outfit, only with freebies from the event. I highly recommend going, there are some gorgeous things that I’m going to go back and buy.

 Credits :

  • Body : Maitreya – Lara
  • Head : LeLutka – Simone Bento Mesh head
  • Shape : Banana Banshee
  • Skin : Glam Affair – Milena – America
  • Hair : Elikatira – Lauren (Fameshed gift)
  • Headband – Monso – My Star headband – Silver (Fameshed gift)
  • Eyes : Banana Banshee – WIP
  • Ears : Mandala – Steking season 5
  • Earrings : Rebel Hope – Tassel earrings (Fameshed gift)
  • Necklace : Cae – Mantra neckless – Fearless (Fameshed gift)
  • Outfit : Aphorism – Eve Jumpsuit (Fameshed gift)
  • Shoes : Essenz – Gualajara (Fameshed gift)
  • Poses : Paper Rabbit
  • Picture location : Backdrop City

Booties @ Shoetopia

I love tulips better than any other spring flower; they are the embodiment of alert cheerfulness and tidy graceShoetopia is open now, so grab a taxi to Shoetopia. A fun thing to look for are these glorious booties from Baiastice that come with three options, Charm, Prestige, and Glamour for all 18 shades. If you get the fatback, there are six bonus special edition shoes, 3 in lace and 3 in patent leather.
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Oh, that Randy Jackson

Val Mesh Leggings

When Angie Mornington plurked this picture with the comment, “Oooh Randy Jackson Victory Tour pants! I might get these.” I thought for sure I would get them, if I could get the mental image of Randy Jackson wearing them out of my head. Really, I had never noticed that Randy Jackson was into clothes that much. Mainly he was into saying, “That’s pitchy, Dawg” Whatever, the mental image of him in these pants was not a good one. Turns out she meant a different Randy Jackson.

King of Pop Michael Jackson dies at 50

Now that makes sense.

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It’s a Wrap


I wonder if Diane von Fursternberg knew, back in 1972 when she introduced her wrap dress, that it would completely conquer the world. This Kennedy dress from Rebel Hope shows us why. It’s a model of simplicity, free of embellishments. Its lines are clean and spare with no added darts and pleats for structure, its shape formed by its easy embrace of the body. Its color gives it a dash of the casual while its fluidity and side wrapped bodice add a touch of cleavage and sex appeal. It may have come into being in 1972, but its organic shape made it an instant classic. It’s one of the fabulous mesh pieces you can find at this month’s FaMESHed showcase.

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Still Hungering for Mesh


FaMESHed is a monthly showcase of great original mesh content. I have no objection to designers who work with templates to produce new and original versions of more generic designs. I am glad there are options for great texture artists to work in mesh even without the technical expertise needed to produce original mesh work. Still, there is something exciting about an event where you know that every item is an original work. I was pleased to see Rebel Hope participating this month and am in love with the fabulous wool dresses that have been released in advance of the fall season.


The dress is beautifully made with a gorgeous flat self-binding edge around the bodice. This accentuates the shape and highlights the neckline subtly. The fabric is a gorgeous herringbone weave in a light summer wool, making a perfect fall dress that could be worn as a jumper for a blouse or paired with a sweater or jacket – or on a warm day like today, worn on its own. My shoes are from Celoe – a lovely fawn color with a slender heel and a pointed toe. I know podiatrists probably love the round and square toe fashions in shoes of today, but I very much prefer the pointed toe in general. It just feels so much more dressy to me.

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Content Theft PSA – Keep Hope Alive

The Clara Bow Dress from Rebel Hope Designs

The Clara Bow Dress from Rebel Hope Designs

It was great seeing so many of you standing up against content theft with posts featuring some Rebel Hope Designs. It’s exciting to learn that Linden Lab acted quickly and effectively and have excluded the stolen content from SL. What that means is that when people who have the stolen content try to rez it, they cannot and they get a message the content is blacklisted.  You can read Rebel Hope’s statement on the SL Forums. Nonetheless, the scale of this theft and the assumption on the part of the thief that nothing would happen (an assumption fed by past events) and the development of even more effective theft technology has content creators concerned. They have started a the Step Up campaign and there will be a special edition of Fabulous Fashion TV on Monday that I encourage all of you to watch. If, like me, you will be at work then, you can watch it later on Itunes.   Please check the links and Angie Mornington’s blog for more info.

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There's a Reason – For the Sunshine Skies

posted by Gidge Uriza

and there’s a reason that I’m feeling so high

must be the season when that love light shines all around us

So let your love flow…….like a mountain stream and let your love grow

with the smallest of dreams.

This one is for Rebel Hope and RH Engel.  This is my salute of respect for their creations and I hope that they remember that no matter what happens that is bad……..there is so much more good out there.

I hope everyone patronizes them in some way – not because you NEED something but as a gesture, that it doesn’t matter how much thieves copybot and steal – real customers will always exist, real customers will buy from you.

Our hearts are with you !

Style Notes

  • Skin – Curio Vixen Limon
  • Hair – Mirone – Faye in blond
  • Dress – Clara Bowe – REBEL HOPE
  • Shoes – Insolence – Marie Jeanne

You Gotta Have Hope

This chic ensemble is one of the expansive galaxy of options available when you buy the Rebel Hope Tuxedo – available at Rebel Hope Designs. Yesterday, Rebel Hope was the target of the most brazen content theft I have ever seen. It has been well-covered in Shopping Cart Disco here and here and my goal is not to cover the incident but suggest a way we as a community can show solidarity with the creators and combat content theft.

I am asking fellow bloggers to showcase some of the wonderful Rebel Hope content – gorgeous clothing like this or the homes and furniture and to educate their readers to the fact that content theft hurts all of us. We all reach different readers, so the more that take a few paragraphs to educate their readers, the broader the outreach. Normally I would insert a cut here to shorten the length of this post on the feed. Please indulge my longer post on the feed for this important issue.

The Juliet Boots from A-Bomb are smoking hot with the lovely tuxedo.

The Juliet Boots from A-Bomb are smoking hot with the lovely tuxedo. I could have worn pants...but honestly, is this not the hottest tux in the West?

Content theft is a constant worry for SL creators whose defensive tactics are constantly trumped by new viewers and stratagems for copying content.  Thankfully, many SL residents are sympathetic and disapprove of content theft and actively help by alerting creators to incidents of theft they encounter. Sadly, though, some residents just see it as an opportunity to enjoy free or cheap content and brazenly wear their stolen content or add anti-inspect shields to hide their shame. What they fail to understand is that stolen content affects us all negatively – that those bargains have a cost they do not perceive.

The hair is from Elle F - by Launa Fauna, who makes Chai skins. Its the perfect tuxedo hair.

The hair is from Elle F - by Launa Fauna, who makes Chai skins. It's the perfect tuxedo hair.

What are the costs? Here’s just a few.

  1. There’s a few stores that employ irritating anti-theft stuff such as click to prove you’re real dialog boxes, that little bit of chat spam telling copybot to quit, etc. These are minor annoyances, but they slow down and lag our SL experience.
  2. We all know one or two stores that have closed after being copybotted, discouraged by not only the theft of their hard work, but by the complacency of Linden Labs and the SL community. This means less content and less innovation.
  3. Costlier products as store owners build into their prices the anticipated early loss of revenue when their products are ripped.
  4. The annoying presence  and hideous lag of anti-inspection devices that people who buy from thieves use to hide their complicity with thieves.
  5. Suspicion and distrust by store owners who employ tactics to fight theft that impinge on all of us.
  6. Ban lists that can be misused and abused and even, it seems, hacked.
  7. Long preachy posts like this one

Dutch Touch CLeO - what a gorgeous face!!!

So, now that we acknowledge that we all pay a price for content theft, what can we do to stop it. First, we can never buy stolen content.  Of course, it’s hard to know sometimes if something is stolen, but there’s one neon-bright clue we can follow. If the prices are unrealistic and too good to be true, it’s probably stolen.  If someone hands you a free box of hundreds of high quality, contemporary hair styles, it’s probably stolen. Don’t accept it, don’t buy it. Secondly, many newcomers and folks who don’t read blogs are unaware of the problem, so we can tell our friends. If you see someone wearing stolen content, let them know – but in a respectful, nonjudgmental way. Assume they purchased it in innocence and judge their complicity by their reaction to your information. Third, if you see stolen content, send a snapshot and slurl to the creator of the original content so s/he can address it. Sometimes what may appear to be stolen is not, so I would not rush to announce it from the hilltops and instead leave it to the creator to lead the charge. The biggest thing we can do though, is be responsible for our own actions and not wear stolen content.

Sui Generis Mari shape shown in three moods.

Last but not least, we can all take a strong step against this sort of brazen and shameless theft that was done solely to inflict personal harm by each and everyone of us making a purchase of the real thing and going to Wildwood and supporting Rebel Hope and  RH Engel. This might help sustain them while the recover their business and build new content and also lift their spirits which have taken a hard blow.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Long Awkward Pose
  • Shape: sui generis: Mari
  • Skin: dutch Touch CLeO
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: Dutch Touch
  • Hair: Elle F Cassandra
  • Suit: Rebel Hope Designs RH Signature Ladies Tux
  • Shoes: A-Bomb Juliet R

Quick Look – Rebel Hope

I ran over to check out the 1920’s Berlin build and when I popped in, I saw that we were asked to dress for the period. I have folders inside folders inside folders in my inventory and in my Clothing Folder, there is a Vintage folder and inside that there is a Twenties folder. So I popped this on and was ready to go.

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