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Dress Me Up Challenge – Gidge in Harajuku by Candy Lemmon

posted by Gidge Uriza

I look at a lot of Harajuku in RL, the style fascinates me. So when I was challeged to do a Harajuku piece by Candy Lemmon, I immediately knew I wanted a big fluffy coat thing – I’ve been seeing them in mags slapped over the mismatched plaids and heavy handed cloth worn by the youth culture that defines Harajuku.

A big old silly fur coat. If I could find one in fun colors that’d be even better, but when I ran into this WHITE one, which was exactly what I wanted, a floofy white fur coat from Ookami Ningen I KNEW KNEW KNEW what I wanted to do.

I wanted to go Ice Skating. Continue reading

Talk To Me, Goose

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve finally re-emerged from the ranks of the drug induced exhaustion + carpal tunnel that has pretty much kept me away from the keyboard except when at work.

I love it when a doctor prescribes me something and then says, “This is going to make you unbelievably exhausted. It really induces a strong sense of fatigue.”

Why, lovely…….do you have anything that makes me feel fat and ugly and we can just call it depression in a bottle?

LUCKILY I have a pixel world when I can escape these doldrums…….and I get some great opportunities to show you some fun pieces for the having. This set is really all built around this skin.  You see, because Cajsa is EVIL  my good friend she took me to Symphony to check out their skins.

Sigh…..I barely knew where to start. Continue reading

Living Dead Girl

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve been collecting boots. This time last year I owned Zero Boots. Now, I’m a boot freak. I love big clunky tough girl boots. I try to keep my eye out for outfits to wear with boots, especially now that I’m heading into fall clothes – and when this one came out from Kunglers I knew it was exactly right to go with Miffy’s Boots. Continue reading

One of these days these boots are gonna …

I don’t think Nancy was thinking of Stiletto Moody’s boots in particular – especially that line “These boots are made for walking” but no matter, these definitely boots made for many things. Look at that heel, look at the sheen, oh yes, these boots are gonna have fun. Continue reading

Long Weekend Relax – And some EXCELLENT Freebies

posted by Gidge Uriza
I wanted to be comfy for Memorial Day and remembered that I had a slew of casual separates from WRONG – from Christmas when they gave away a gift a day. Sliding into jeans and a light cotton sweater was an quick and easy choice, especially for a day of boating or cooking out or whatever I was going to be doing. (It gets cold on boats at night you know!).

Plus I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear these Marilyn Monroe shoes I got at Artilleri – so something black seemed like a good fit! 

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