Wherein Yak & Yeti Go Crazy

Every once in awhile a fashion notice will pass by that makes you go hmmm. That’s what happened on Sunday when along came a notice from Yak & Yeti announcing everything in their store was now free. See, when you see a notice like either think it’s poor products, it’s a trick or, if you cynicometer is running low, you think you need to check it out.

So I did and it’s not junk and it’s not a trick and yes, you need to check it out. Yak & Yeti offers traditional Nepalese and Indian clothing and jewelry as well as adorable shoulder pets. That panda  at Yak & Yeti almost tempts me into shoulder pet-keeping. I got some wonderful jewelry there, including this ruby Bollywood set. Included, but not worn are two styles of nose-ring and a stone for the forehead. To wear with it, I decided to become a Dancing Queen.

I am wearing the scintillating Life is a Dance dress from Lemania Indio. A dress that pulses with movement and spirit. It’s lively and vibrant. With it I wore R2 Kahakai red shoes, a shoe as vibrant a red as the dress. The skin is new – Tuli’s elizabeth skin’s light makeups.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******
Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Skin: Tuli Elizabeth Light Harlow Red
Nails: Love Magic Glossy Pack Crimson
Hair: Little Heaven 13 rabi Chocolate (tinted)
Dress: Lemania Indigo Life is a Dance
Shoes: R2 Kahakai Red
Jewelry Yak and Yeti Bollywood Ruby

4 thoughts on “Wherein Yak & Yeti Go Crazy

  1. Efemera Bisiani

    You look totally marvellous! And WOW at that jewelry being free!! *adds another location to her list of must go places on log in*

  2. Nuschi

    being a friend of yak-and-yeti’s owner annapurna, i should add that it’s not NOW FOR FREE, but ALWAYS BEEN FOR FREE!

    (yes, she IS crazy!)

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