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Edit This!

Edit This

I got an offline message the other day that said, “Gidge Uriza has offered you ‘STATUS Edit This’ in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.” Hmmmm. I had to give her a call to find out what she was sending me to edit and what she wanted done, but it turned out that is the name of her new pose set she just released. I had to laugh, because truly, Gidge so loves to edit that I am surprised I haven’t received things with that name a hundred times. Anyway, I was reveling in my love for the new Mignon top from Ingenue, so I tossed on another color and then picked out this gorgeous skirt from coldLogic to wear with it.

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Hobo Christmas

I was very unhappy at being snowed in and unable to spend Christmas with friends as planned. So, when I saw this Christmas tree at Forgotten Village, I  wanted to photograph it.  It sort of expressed what my holiday felt like.  In order to better express my mood, I thought I would outfit myself with some grunge wear.

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Mission: Impossible

Oh, wearing different skins can get addictive when they look this good. Today I am wearing another of the magnificent PXL Creations skins by Hart Larsson. The only post-processing in this photo is cropping – and yet the skin looks magnificent and the makeup is sultry, sexy and seductive.

The better to go with my Impossible dress, my dear. Yes, the mission, should I choose to accept it, is to wear the amazing Turquase dress from Impossible. I didn’t just accept it, I jumped on it. Continue reading

Treasure Hunting #2

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

There are treasure hunts and then there are treasure hunts with real treasure like this one at Baiastice. In this photo, I am wearing hunt item #18 – the Delicacy top from Baiastice. The treasure pouch also gives you another in blue that is just as yummy. I tried it with a few skirts and jeans and it looked great with the Adam n Eve leather pants I wore the other day, but I decided that I really liked how it suited the MG Fashions Maria skirt’s dropped waist.  Additionally, the color match was perfect. 

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Halfway Up the Hindu Kush

And i love you
For showing me the view
From halfway up the hindu kush…katie melua

I went looking for the Taj Mahal the other night and actually found a house for sale called the Taj Mahal. It wasn’t what I was looking for though. While i didn’t find the Taj, at the SL Botanical Garden I found this lovely building that suited my shooting mood, even though it looks more Arabic than Indian. I was wearing the lovely tie dye blouse from Zaara and wanted a special setting to complement the rich and ornate textures that make her clothing so unique. Incidentally, this is one hot little blouse – and I don’t know which to emphasize, hot or little. Continue reading

Roses in Denmark

I wandered around Denmark yesterday, looking at the lighthouse, the ships and the village. It was a lovely sim and they had beautiful weather while I was there, with just a light breeze. Luckily, I was wearing a light sweater and was perfectly comfortable. ; )

I layered a baby pink cotton camisole with a lightweight rose pink one-button sweater and a lovely red and pink gingham skirt. The lovely Sasy Marakesh Passion Sandals were a perfect match. What really made the outfit though was the rose flower necklace from chicoco, set off with earrings from DeLa and bangles from VG Republic. For additional photos you can check my Flickr. Continue reading

Chocolate Swing

Don’t you just love jackets? I certainly do, from short crop jackets to flowing swing jackets and every stop in between, I love them all. Frankly, I love them best when they swing open, unzipped and unbuttoned, so that I can enjoy the layering of my clothes. Here using the underwear layer for my cami and the jacket layer for the jacket, I  could have even added a vest or other top over, but that would not have suited the light gauzy fabric of this marvelous jacket from pop feel. For more photos, check my Flickr.

pop feel makes 5 of these jackets in different shades and prints and they are a wonder. Floaty and light, they really swing when you walk. Fair warning, though, I did have to do a fair amount of prim editing to get the jacket’s drapery to fit right – not just stretching it a bit, but also, moving individual prims that did not lay quite right on me and it was clearly fitted to a smaller avatar shape. Of course, having to adjust the flexi-prim is fairly common and it was not too difficult. And it was definitely worth the effort.  Continue reading