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Once upon a nautical day…

….Hybie decided she was just going to wear bikinis forever because pants are too restrictive.

coldLogic – bikini – malibu – jade – mesh
Spellbound – Suspiria – vintage blonde – gacha
League – Erin – Feline
League – Eric – Feline – Lipstick 6
Ikon – Ascension Eyes – Azure
La Malvada Mujer – heart and soul tatt
Slink hands and feet

Now That Holiday Guests Are Gone

I was expecting various escorts, pimps and blingtards from SL holidays past to stop in and was ecstatic to find a new living room set from CHEEKY PEA at THE GARDEN which features a HIDEABED! Seriously – this comes in SO handy when your friends and relatives who still haven’t found mesh yet decide to spend the night! You just CLICK and it’s a bed. CLICK AGAIN and it’s a bed.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside – for MY ATTIC

It might have been an obligatory blog post title as temps drop, but no, it’s the theme this month for MY ATTIC where a host of your favorite and maybe new to you designers have created a great round of new releases – themed, you guessed it – Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

My release for the event is a set of poses I made that I needed for blogging coats – coats can be cumbersome, but of course they work with other things too. I thought the recent release of a coat with optional dress under it from ColdLogic made a perfect choice. And look I didn’t even wear pink. Continue reading

I Get By With a Little Help With My Friends.


My computer has been hobbling along lately, in need of a new graphics card and system upgrades. That is one reason why I shoot fewer pictures with shadows and projectors. I can crash if I even think about doing that. But the worst symptom is how antisocial my computer has become. Any crowd, even if I drop RenderAvatarMaxVisible to 1 overwhelms and crashes my computer. I can rez about two people before crashing, so when I DJ I zoom in on the wall so I don’t see anyone. Needless to say, huge events like the Arcade Gacha are completely off limits. I saw one item in the shopping guide that I wanted desperately. I did run around to several yard sales on this huge list of gacha yard sales, but the people who are buying the pesca stoles are keeping them. Fortunately, I get by with a little help from my friends. The red plaid stole I wore yesterday was a gift from Gidge and Sylvia Olivier dropped this and a pink version of the Pesca stoles on me. They are certainly my favorite of the Arcade Gacha treasures made even better by virtue of the generosity of friends.

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The Secret Store Top at FaMESHed Is a Great Mix and Match Piece


I love the new Sweet Sheer top from The Secret Store for faMESHed. It’s perfect for mixing and matching with pants and skirts with its beautifully tucked-in waist. It comes in a nice range of colors for all sorts of different looks. I chose this mustard top for a more fall ensemble with the madras plaid skirt from coldLogic.

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Raid My Closet Challenge Pt. I


I love the idea behind the Raid My Closet Challenge. With an inventory overflowing with far more clothes than I can keep track of and more shoes than a Jimmy Choo store, it makes sense to dig around in the inventory rather than buy something new. We all know that there have been great advances in the technology of clothing design and that there’s a reason some of the clothing moldering in our folders are not seeing the light of day anymore, but among those older clothes and shoes are gems that are just as good as ever.

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A Nip in the Air


I thought there was a nip in the air the other day. Turns out it might have been early flu symptoms, but whatever the reason, feeling chilly in real life got me seeking comfy, cozy in Second Life® so I put on the layers. I began this outfit with this gorgeous mesh jacket from La Penderie de Nicole. La Penderie de Nicole is a new store for me, but the designer Marcopol Oh is someone whose photography I have admired for a long time. The houndstooth print is gorgeous and I love the little trace of red dashing through it.

First time buyers may feel some hesitation because we are accustomed to either a one-item boxed Pay vendor or a Buy vendor with all the items. Seeing the landmark and 1 item in the Buy window, I wondered for a moment whether there was an error in setting up the vendor, but never fear, it’s just that the many size options were all boxed and added with the landmark.

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Candy Girl, you are my world!

I feel so totally cheery and energetic in this outfit. When I put it together I immediately felt like I needed to have a car with the top down, a pink poodle and 4 assistants to help me go shopping. Get outta my dreams, get into mah car BEEP BEEP YAH! Oh, remember the blonde chick with the big boobs that the stuck up housewives hated in the movie The Help? Yea, I feel like her. She was hot.

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