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::: B@R ::: Appreciation Challenge #1

Winter Jefferson, the only sardonic Australian Vampire knight fashionisto on the grid, has issued a challenge that really appealed to me. He has asked fashion bloggers to show some love for June Dion and Bare Rose, the prolific, peripatetic and people-priced store that has been the lifesaver for costume hunters and bargain shoppers across the grid. Winter lists the many reasons to love Bare Rose and I won’t repeat them, just ask that you hop over to In Cold Blood and see if you don’t agree that Bare Rose is well-deserving of a blogging tribute.  Take for example, this chidori jacket…

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Uncle Wiggly's Almost Free Skirt & Gifties

A trip to Uncle Wiggly is in order. Uncle Wiggly is one of those fun stores where there’s no particular type of creation – which varies from clothing to furniture to foliage and makes stops everywhere in between. What does not fluctuate is the whimsy and quality of these items – most of which are 1 linden. Which mean you should always add some lovely lindens to the tip jar outside. The shirt is actually from LaLa FooFoo and I am wearing it with an Uncle Wiggly skirt.

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Roses in Denmark

I wandered around Denmark yesterday, looking at the lighthouse, the ships and the village. It was a lovely sim and they had beautiful weather while I was there, with just a light breeze. Luckily, I was wearing a light sweater and was perfectly comfortable. ; )

I layered a baby pink cotton camisole with a lightweight rose pink one-button sweater and a lovely red and pink gingham skirt. The lovely Sasy Marakesh Passion Sandals were a perfect match. What really made the outfit though was the rose flower necklace from chicoco, set off with earrings from DeLa and bangles from VG Republic. For additional photos you can check my Flickr. Continue reading