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Retro Pop

Building by Iota Ultsch

Hair Fair has opened with around 100 different hair designers selling oodles of hair to raise money for Wigs for Kids. Every single hair style sold at Hair Fair sends a portion of the proceeds to the charity. So why am I posing with 2007 hair? Well, I am busy sorting the hair fair styles into long, medium, short and other types of styles for some upcoming mega-posts. I also want to remind everyone that just because something is old, doesn’t mean it isn’t great Certainly this dress from Lost Dreams called Retro Red may be retro, but it’s hot and stylish.
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Quick Look: DeLa

Sorry for not posting yesterday and posting so late today. I have been super busy IRL – catching up after three weeks of illness from H1N1 and trying to get things done by deadlines. I am still slammed and just tossing this up quickly. It’s a great dress from DeLa that features a pouf skirt with a contrasting pouf underskirt. I love the style of the dress, it’s shape and details. There’s one thing that might improve it…but only at the cost of an attachment point and I know how we all love our attachment points. I just thinknk it would be fun to have the underskirt pouf a separate item so if I bought two or three or four or more of these dresses, I could mix colors on my own. That would be fun! But saving attachment points has its value too and the color in the provided skirt is the optimum color choice. …It’s a darling skirt and fun and great for dancing.

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Prelude Suites

I got an IM from Polaire Aeghin the other day asking me to take a look at her collection for Prelude. Little did she know that I had recently visited the store and picked up a few items to blog, but the clothes she dropped on me were so fun and so versatile, they completely jumped the line.

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I sell the morning paper, sir.

My father played banjo and sang in a country/bluegrass band and I have lost count of all my cousins and other relatives who are in the music industry – so I come by a head packed with musical references quite honestly even if I inherited my singing voice from the “sings like a sick cat” side of the family. Everytime I see a newsboy cap like this one from Haute Style Company, that old Jimmy Brown the Newsboy song pops into my head… and it just won’t go away.  No matter that the real Jimmy Brown sang “I got no hat upon my head, no shoes upon my feet.”

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Far and Wide

I found a fun site last night – and forgive me if everyone in the world already knows about it – it was new to me. It’s part of Koin-Up a social networking site that overall confuses me and leaves me befuddled and unnetworked. However, it more than makes up for that with this resources. Koin-Up Places.It’s sort of a resident-generated pictoral directory of Second Life’s® cool places and it got me running far and wide. I shot this photo in Tuscany. Continue reading

I sure hope that's gum.

I don’t know what to highlight first – the magnificent detailed jacket from Cipher or the incredible black thigh-high boots from Drawmachine. However, this photo certainly highlights the quality of the boots that stay gloriously glitch free even while pulling gum off your shoe. I love these boots – sexily thigh-high, but with a bling-free matte finish that keeps it away from even the slightest hint of skankiness. Continue reading

Roses in Denmark

I wandered around Denmark yesterday, looking at the lighthouse, the ships and the village. It was a lovely sim and they had beautiful weather while I was there, with just a light breeze. Luckily, I was wearing a light sweater and was perfectly comfortable. ; )

I layered a baby pink cotton camisole with a lightweight rose pink one-button sweater and a lovely red and pink gingham skirt. The lovely Sasy Marakesh Passion Sandals were a perfect match. What really made the outfit though was the rose flower necklace from chicoco, set off with earrings from DeLa and bangles from VG Republic. For additional photos you can check my Flickr. Continue reading

Big Yellow Taxi

When I heard AOHARU had a 50% off sale, I rushed to the store and bought the fat  pack of their leather rider’s jacket that I had been drooling over and then I had to wear one right away. A necklace would lie under the jacket, so I decided to wear a VOGART Pucci-inspired scarf with it. It had the same attachment point as the jacket collar, so i made a copy and attached it to the spine instead and then did some adjusting. Well, a LOT of a adjusting.

The scarf suggested my burnt orange cigarette pants from Ingenue and Storm Schmooz’s funky Rubba ankle boots. Some earrings from chicoco and the trusty bangles from Fresh Baked Goods and I was ready for a stroll through the Cannery.  I thought I might take a cab, but the cabbie was nowhere to be found.

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En Vogue avec VOGART

Vogart Skirt

by Cajsa Lilliehook

Today i was running around the beautiful Costa Rica sims with exploding volcanoes and thunderstorms and being thoroughly impressed by the quality build. I started the day dressed for cooler climes – with this stunningly rich red jacquard skirt from VOGART and the nubby tights from pochette. I tossed on a leather jacket with this camisole underneath in case it got warmer and it sure did. Costa Rica was steamy so I lost the jacket. The shoes, though, were sturdy enough for hiking through the rainforest.  All in all, a beautiful day. 

More photos on my flickr. Accessories and style notes after the jump.

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