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My Hair Fair Quest

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have a small notebook beside me at the PC where I jot down fashion details and inventory offers and other things I need to remember. It’s higgledy-piggledy but it’s also a system that works for me. People will say clever things like “oh just type in WORN and then copy and paste that into a text document” which would work famously if I didn’t own so many pieces of clothing that for some unknown reason the creator put the words “WORN ON HEAD” or whatever on them.

I could rename them, but why bother. Back to my point. I keep this notebook. And every once in a while something catches my fancy and gets written down as a WANT. Continue reading

Casual Friday In Latex

posted by Gidge Uriza

The girly pink of this latex ensemble was of course the reason I plucked it up out of my inventory when I spied it. PINK LATEX? Are you kidding me?  Pink latex FTW!  I like the detail and styling even though this particular look might not normally be my style, I thought it had some whimsy to it. Continue reading

A Night at the Opera

I have been holding back. I admit it. I wore this dress on Sunday and have not shared it with you all. I was saving it for Halloween night simply because of all the costumes and Halloween gowns and goth designs I have tried out this week, this is my favorite.  This morning however, it occurs to me that you might like to check it out before Halloween in case you want to wear it, too. I know I will be wearing it at MDR’s Halloween party tomorrow night because this dress is made for dancing.

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The Quest for the Holy Grail

Okay, so we’re not searching for the Holy Grail, but looking for ghosts under the bed and behind the curtains and everywhere but up the chimney. Well, maybe up the chimney too. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. This outfit is almost all from the Ghost hunt except the dress – which came from the marvelous freebie outlet at Bastchild and Lapointe…so yes, an entirely free outfit.

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Gothic Vamp

Before saying a word about this luscioius dress from LaPointe, I have to spend some time drooling over the Tuli Gothic skins again. Yes, I have drooled before. Guess what, I will likely drool again. When something is so drool-worthy, you just have to go with the flow. This time I am drooling over the Vamp makeup that is completely V – pause – A – pause – M – pause – P – pause – VAMP, with luscious red lips, kohl-smeared eyes and a delicate little beauty mark highlighting one cheekbone. Yummy! I have to say, the flowy big hair from Sky Everett doesn’t hurt either.

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