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A walk in the woods


Hi there, I’m Mouse Mimistrobell, and I guess this would be my first post on It’s Only Fashion!  I like clothes, I like fashion and so, Cajsa and Gidge were lovely enough to invite me to post on their blog quite a while ago.  So even though I am embarrassed to take so long, I finally got down to it.  I was inspired by a couple of things, and being a slow burn, it takes me a while to have all the pieces come together. I picked up this sweater at the dressing room, and held on to it for a bit.  Something about the yellow and animal print appealed to me, though I hate the alpha. Of course I hate all alphas, so it’s not a deal breaker.  A couple of days later, I saw a pair of jeans on sale and they were peach!  Well they also seemed to work anyways, so I kept going with it. Then I pulled out a Tres Blah skin that looked ‘just a tad’ tarty, and wow the whole thing just worked, and there you go.  I took these pictures in a gorgeous sim that was the first one I came across in the SL Destination Guide today. Yeah, I’m creative like that! I called it a walk in the woods after a favorite old children’s book of mine, and I imagine it’s a late spring evening, chilly enough for a scarf. I hope you like!

mouse_yellow2 mouse_yellow5

What I’m wearing:

HOC Industries – Maryjanes Shoe
fri. – Basic.Cami (White) –
[[Mozz]] Lashes – 03
cheLLe – (eyeliner) Adele Coal
“”D!va”” Hair “Sayaka3” (Type B)(Onyx)
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Carlotta Square Ring in Variety Yellow
/artilleri/ Taylor scarf STRIPES (chest) *peach/yellow*
Crayo Jeans “peach” L – even.flow
La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (not available)
{SMS} Simple Cardigan Rose Leo M
-tb- Gatcha Skin: Rare – Dark Brows
Shine Monet Pewter – eyes



One of my favorite SL sim builders is Marcus Inkpen whose amazing Utopia 4 build remains a standout for me – though it’s long gone. He’s also the genius behind the stunning Looking Glass sim.


I was thrilled to learn that he has a new sim installation called The Returning. This is one on of the Linden Endowment for the Arts sims. Prepare to be amazed as you look at the pictures from the Flickr group for the sim. I must thank Ryker Beck for sharing a picture of the sim on her plurk – or I might not have known about it.

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Merry Christmas, Samara!


Samara Barzane is a friend and fellow blogger (The 3 Fashionteers) who braved the dangers of volunteering to be a guest stylist. But you know, that’s one of the defining characteristics of Samara for me – she’s game to do anything. When there’s a roll call of people to volunteer, she steps forward.  I tp’ed her up to my platform to see her outfit and knew immediately where I wanted to shoot.


I saw that fabulous combination of the form-fitting cashmere sweater with the floaty sheer tulle skirt and the magnificent tights and immediately thought of China – the black and white sim. Setting windlight to Strawberry Singh’s fabulous Silver setting, I started snapping away.

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me


I let my music-loving cat choose the song this morning. After all, he woke me up at 5:40 AM when he turned on James Brown's "Don't Tell A Lie" which is a great song, though not a great 5:40 AM song. I usually turn the Ipod's speaker off now after a 4:30 Flogging Molly wake-up song, but I forgot last night. While I was getting ready to post this, he was pushing fast forward through the playlists looking for something he liked. I decided to let him decide and go with whatever song he finally let play for more than two bars. I actually love his choice - a cover of Elton John's great song by Bettye LaVette who completely made it her own.

I can’t light up no more of your darkness.
All of my pictures seem to fade to black and white.
Oh, I’ve grown so tired and time is standing still before me.
It froze up right here on the ladder of my life.

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Bitches Love…Slushies

It’s true. I’m a full fledged slushie addict. Personally, I find the brain freeze you get with it to be one of the most painfully satisfying experiences on the planet. I like to scream and writhe in pain, all the while considering how delicious and cold that next drink is going to be.

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Take Your Damned Wasabi Pills OR ELSE!

It takes very little more endorsement than either Hybie or Honour to shoot a place, but when both of my to go travel blogs shoot the SAME spot well – I’m bound to end up over there. Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms


The most exciting thing about events like Chic Limited is how creators can reify a single inspiration into a fascinating collection that illustrates perfectly that art is the expression of individuality. This month’s inspiration was Cherry Blossom and the collection ranges from softly feminine petal-adorned dresses to the pop art bold graphic style of this babydoll from So Many Styles.


As you can see, I had fun running around MiC Musee de Roma Capitale art installation to shoot my pics. I also used Windlight settings by CodeBastard Redgrave for thee beautiful red sky that really brought the art to life.
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Come To Me: Guest Stylist Phoenix Piek

Phoenix Piek_005.jpg

Phoenix rocks her look, casting a come-hither look over her shoulder.

All I ever wanted was our love to be true
More than just enough to get me by
I want a love to see me through
I don’t need another well-spent night,
Another clever sideways glance
I wanna look my baby in the eye
And know there’s nothing left to chance

Phoenix Piek_004.jpg

Beautifully accessorized by her own jewelry, her shirt may say "Beautiful and Bored" but what her look really says is "don't waste my time"

Well if you’re tired of being lonely, beat up and confused
Darling, there’s only one thing you can do:
Come to me
Don’t be the one who’s waiting
Come to me
Babe, I got what you need
Won’t you come to me
There won’t be no hesitating, babe
I know what you mean to me

Phoenix Piek_008.jpg

Phoenix was shot on location at Cincetta. It's a happy coincidence that the ruins in the background reflect the colors of her outfit.

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It's Not Raining in SL

Oregon weather is so consistent. It’s warm and pleasant and dry for the summer and it’s cloudy, rainy and cool in the winter. It comes in two flavors and the one that’s on tap right now is not weather for this dress. Luckily, in SL I can be in any climate I feel like with a quick teleport from spot to spot. Snow, rain, tropics or jungles, deserts or forests, cities or castles – what you want you can find.  So, when I saw the lovely new Poppy skirt at Sugarcube I did not hesitate to pair it with a very summery top from So Many Styles.

I made the tiniest of concessions to reality by adding a short little velvet shrug from Adam n Eve, but seriously, if your jacket does not cover your midriff – it’s worn for fashion, not function. And clearly, fashion leads the way with that lovely silver embroidery and the adorable little hood. The jewelry is from Puarangi Design – though I have had this set so long it’s labeled Hi-Flo from the stores old name.

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Ahem, about that challenge, Lord Winter?

When Winter Jefferson challenged Gidge to style an outfit featuring Exile’s exuberant Zoe hair, she rose to the challenge and threw down the gauntlet. Well, it seems Lord Winter is too busy planning his upcoming nuptials to Tenshi Vielle to answer the challenge – but never fear, I decided to give it a go and flap that glove in Winter’s face a few times. After all, shouldn’t a challenger actually do the challenge, too? So, here it is: Exile’s Zoe. Yes, it’s a wild and hairy sort of challenge – literally. However, I found it was deceptively easy. You see, the hair may be wild and full of exuberance, but it’s expertly placed exuberance that somehow just didn’t seem to intersect nearly as much as I expected. I really did not have to do a lot of searching for poses that work.

I did, however, think it deserved somethind wild, so I raided a pants set from Chatkare for the top and paired it with the truly wild Feather Skirt from So Many Styles.

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