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Indyra Originals 50% Off Sale

posted by Gidge Uriza

If you had asked me, I would’ve said that I already owned everything at Indyra Originals. So how surprised was I to find a few things nestled in her 50% off sale that I’ve coveted but never picked up? QUITE!

This is just a quckie but I wanted to show all of you the lovely Picassa ballgown which comes in several colors – I justhad to have this vibrant sunny color though.

Cruel fate and a busy schedule keeps me from logging in to pick up Ryker Beck’s New Skin Lily – so I’ll content myself with Wearing Shiloh.

Style Notes

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Exodi – Shiloh
  • Hair – Miau Haus – Valena
  • Dress – Indyra Originals – Picassa
  • Lashes – Lelutka Photolashes 2

I'm Bad

I am a little bad, I admit, in not getting around to posting any sort of Michael Jackson tribute until now. However, I only just decided to do this when I found the King of Pop pose set at 5ifth Order poses. I only picked up three of the 10 poses – though the entire set was tempting. Actually, the animator has a lovely tableua set up with pose balls that is just itching for a group to go jump on the pose balls and do a great group shot in all the poses. There’s fog, rocks, lights – very King of Pop!  Just as is this outfit I pulled together from Bare Rose, LeeZu and Milk Motion.

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I've Been Wearing Rainbows

Bliensen & Maitai have found a new home in the Starlust region – on Horst, to be exact. To celebrate, there are new releases including shoes, jewelry and this incredible rainbow dress. Wait until you see the bottom, though that lovely rainbow froth of lace at the bodice gives you a hint.

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Who Is Your Caterer?

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Cezare, on a whim, created many lovely treats for a recent soiree he and his partner Polaire hosted.  Being a silly girl who LOVES SL food at parties, I was at once taken back by how beautiful the things were and unique!

I demanded he open a shop and become my caterer.


Ok, but I did say OMG WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE A SHOP??

So now a few weeks later after much creating and getting things the way he wanted them, he brings us CAFE GOURMAND! I truly recommend, if you like to set out treats for fun and beauty, giving this new store a try. It’s just lovely, the things he has created. Continue reading

Feeding My Addiction

posted by Gidge Uriza

Addiction, a new gown at Sascha’s Designs, is another great formal gown by my favorite ballgown designer. With beads and gorgeous details this gown, as with almost all of Sascha’s works, comes witha  variety of skirt options so you can take it from the Cotillion where you dance with gentlemen of genteel natures to a modern formal event. Continue reading

Inconveniently Undead

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m a very socially active girl. You can imagine my distress when I woke up one evening FAR after my normal waking time, to discover myself among the Undead!  This was clearly going to put a crimp in my entertaining and social schedule!

Or was it? I decided right then and that I’d just have to accept Vampire as part of my new look and go about my business as normal. After all, I I have entertaining to do!

And – buffets to dust!

I find myself a bit more full of whimsy and giddy-ness since I’ve joined the Undead. Perhaps it’s simply a symptom of being Nouveau Undead and I’ll settle down with time. After all, it just doesn’t seem appropriately somber to be this exuberant AND Undead! Continue reading

Sxy2nd is the New Black

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friends Belle Lefavre and Jackson Vantelli had opened the new Sxy2nd sim with all the aplomb deserving the grand opening of such a lovely build. You’re going to find all the high quality creators you expect to find there, featuring their sexiest works and most lovely items in one shopping mecca.

So why am I wearing this? Well, I’m wearing this as my official HOMAGE to Indyra Originals who has a shop at the Sxy2nd Sim – AND I’ve GOT A STORY!

This dress is living proof that magazines (Like Sxy2nd magazine – GET A COPY) work. Continue reading

Tres Jolie? It's FABULOUS!

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I lived with my best friend Laura, we were avid watchers of Absolutely Fabulous. One of our great hoots was how Edina could wear the most hideous thing, and she’s whine “It’s LA CROIX SWEETIE!” and Patsy would demur,”It’s FABULOUS.”

We’d do that to one another almost daily, peels of laughter ringing out through our roach ridden apartment.

So it’s funny to me, a bit, that when I put on anything new from Tres Jolie, my first instinct is ALWAYS – “It’s FABULOUS!” and I’m always worried people will think I mean it in that AbFab way…which couldn’t be further from the truth. Continue reading

Cursed Stones Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

posted by Gidge Uriza

Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones is one of my favorite jewelry designers on the grid, so when she gave me the opportunity to review her Tokon Chained cuffs and collar I knew which stones I’d wear.

October’s Cursed Stone – OPAL.

Roman tradition says that if you aren’t born in October, you will be CURSED for wearing this stone.  Having been BORN in October, I do like to rock the opals whenever I can – just to flaunt it at the jewelry gods and their silly rules.

Who knew the Romans had jewelry gods, anyway? Continue reading

If You Have To Ask, You Can't Afford Me

posted by Gidge Uriza

My husband, Silo Uriza, has interjected that I should postcript that title with “And I don’t put out either…..”  but you know. I sort of thought that might drive away any trade……..

Ever have hair that you love even though it’s a hot mess? There’s nothing ugly about this hair from CAKE – yet, I can’t help wanting to give myself a hot oil treatment everytime I see me in it. 

There is something so realisitically overprocessed about this hair – I can see the split ends, I swear.

I wasn’t originally putting together a hookerific outfit – I had picked up a freebie cocktail gown – Meshindo’s Gift – but, I had a problem with the skirt. And herein I have a confession. Continue reading