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Inconveniently Undead

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m a very socially active girl. You can imagine my distress when I woke up one evening FAR after my normal waking time, to discover myself among the Undead!  This was clearly going to put a crimp in my entertaining and social schedule!

Or was it? I decided right then and that I’d just have to accept Vampire as part of my new look and go about my business as normal. After all, I I have entertaining to do!

And – buffets to dust!

I find myself a bit more full of whimsy and giddy-ness since I’ve joined the Undead. Perhaps it’s simply a symptom of being Nouveau Undead and I’ll settle down with time. After all, it just doesn’t seem appropriately somber to be this exuberant AND Undead! Continue reading