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Blacklace Whimsy

posted by Gidge Uriza

It was really Ivey Deschanel’s fault. She made these huge floopy boudouir slippers that required new lingerie to wear with them. I’d had them a few days and already felt bad for having nothing new to parade around the house in with them. So I slipped over to the SXY2nd Sim and into Blacklace to check out what I just hd to have and ran into this SWEET little set. Continue reading

Eating My Way Through the Sxy2nd Sim

posted by Gidge Uriza

So a few nights a go my friend Jackson, when asked what he was doing, replied that he was building his boardwalk. Boys in SL telling me they are building is the equivalent to being asked to watch someone play a video game. So I said “That’s nice, talk to you later” and went on about my life.

I spent too many of my first months on the grid, watching other people build. 

But I was curious, so when I was certain it was safe, I popped over to see what was there.

YAY Games! Im totally taking Silo over here!

YAY Games! I'm totally taking Silo over here!

I’m a real life skeeball junkie. As a matter of fact, I AVOID skeeball because I have no off switch where it is concerned. I looooove Skeeball. Continue reading

Retiring, or Receiving a Guest?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Well…….a LADY wouldn’t tell you, now would she?

I fastidiously collect pajamas, and nightgowns, and robes, and was absolutely delighted to find this special offer at Indigo Blue on the Sxy2nd Sim as part of their grand opening extravaganza. It’s a complete trousseau of lingerie with a dressing gown.

Probably more appropriate for your SECOND SL Marriage……..eh? Continue reading

Sxy2nd is the New Black

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friends Belle Lefavre and Jackson Vantelli had opened the new Sxy2nd sim with all the aplomb deserving the grand opening of such a lovely build. You’re going to find all the high quality creators you expect to find there, featuring their sexiest works and most lovely items in one shopping mecca.

So why am I wearing this? Well, I’m wearing this as my official HOMAGE to Indyra Originals who has a shop at the Sxy2nd Sim – AND I’ve GOT A STORY!

This dress is living proof that magazines (Like Sxy2nd magazine – GET A COPY) work. Continue reading