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Penumbra Spring Summer Fashion Week


Sonatta Morales has five special releases for Penumbra Spring Summer Fashion Week which opens on May 16th. I always look forward to Fashion Week. There are always more innovative and avant garde releases for Fashion Week, as though the event challenges the designers to do their best work of the season. Here is the official schedule for Fashion Week. There are 16 fashion shows coming up – a great week full of fashion.


Last year Whimsy Winx and Sasy Scarborough released on of their collaborations called Papier de Mode. It came with two pose sets, one with these pieces of paper with different bits of text and one blank. For fun, I added the Fashion Week logo and a few  words to the prop. I love it when a prop can be modified.
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1962 and 52 Years of Music


It’s 1962 at The Velvet tonight. Velvet Musicologist Maht Wuyts has set off on a year-long revue of the last half-century of music from 1960 to 2012. Every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 SLT, Velveteers will travel through time. I had a blast at 1961 and wanted to let you all know about this fun and exciting dance trip through the history of rock music. 1962 was a momentous year in fashion and in society. The body-conscious, figure-hugging silhouette with the tight sleeves and the hem just below the knee was still popular but by the fall was being replaced with A-line dress and high and relatively loose waistlines. Marine blue was a hot color in the fall and prints often combined one bold color with black and white making this dress from Sonatta Morales seem a perfect fit. Gloves and hats were still part of the costume de riguer though hats were becoming less fantastical than in the past.
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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.15


The first show on Tuesday was from Neferia Abel, showing her contemporary label L’Abel. I had computer issues during the show and only saw two of the outfits. Technically I saw several others but only the prims rezzed and all the system pieces remained gray. Of course, I was crashing like mad. I think SL was hinky, because then the sim crashed, giving me time to figure out which viewer to use for the rest of the day. I tried from the beginning Viewer 3.0, 3.0 Beta, Firestorm, Kirstens, Catznip and lastly Synchronicity and that one finally rezzed people’s clothing for me and let me snap pics without crashing. In fact, I only had one crash during the next three fashion shows.


Next up was A La Folie, The first shot is the designer Pixivor Allen. The collection is a range of romantic looks with vintage inspiration. There’s plenty of sparkle, too. If you watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, you learned that sparkle and bling are far, far different things and never the twain shall meet.
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The Long and the Short of It

Sonatta Morales is a genius at making gorgeous gowns that you can picture all the great divas wearing. When I am in her store looking at the clothing, I am seeing Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Clara Bow – and the rest of the pantheon of glamor and talent. This *8* Jewel gown is certainly one of those fit for a diva – but unlike a RL gown, this one comes in long and short versions with a quick adding of a prim or three.

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I Went to Wretched Hollow

I read in New World Notes that Wretched Hollow was one of the most popular sims on Koin-Up last week, so I popped over to see why. Well, it’s bucolic with a dash of the mystical. It even has a glass conservatory. What’s not to photograph. Since it was such a romantic scene, I decided to shoot this romantic flowered dress from sonatta morales. I made it slightly more romantic than the original intent by editing the texture just a tiny bit – making the skirt semi-sheer instead of opaque.

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Inconveniently Undead

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m a very socially active girl. You can imagine my distress when I woke up one evening FAR after my normal waking time, to discover myself among the Undead!  This was clearly going to put a crimp in my entertaining and social schedule!

Or was it? I decided right then and that I’d just have to accept Vampire as part of my new look and go about my business as normal. After all, I I have entertaining to do!

And – buffets to dust!

I find myself a bit more full of whimsy and giddy-ness since I’ve joined the Undead. Perhaps it’s simply a symptom of being Nouveau Undead and I’ll settle down with time. After all, it just doesn’t seem appropriately somber to be this exuberant AND Undead! Continue reading