Sxy2nd is the New Black

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friends Belle Lefavre and Jackson Vantelli had opened the new Sxy2nd sim with all the aplomb deserving the grand opening of such a lovely build. You’re going to find all the high quality creators you expect to find there, featuring their sexiest works and most lovely items in one shopping mecca.

So why am I wearing this? Well, I’m wearing this as my official HOMAGE to Indyra Originals who has a shop at the Sxy2nd Sim – AND I’ve GOT A STORY!

This dress is living proof that magazines (Like Sxy2nd magazine – GET A COPY) work.

Once upon a time there was this AV that lived alone on her friends island. She ran around with large crew of folks, most of whom were paired up. So while they were shagging she’d spend a lot of time exploring and wandering. One day she saw this magazine vendor and wondered what it was – so she picked up a copy and took it home.

She took the magazine back to my little house from Ace’s Spaces and opened it up, flipping through the pages. And she came upon THIS. This spectacular pink dress. With tons of layers and options for how you wear it (short skirt, pants etc) it was clearly, without doubt, the most beautiful creation I had ever seen on the Grid. She looked up the name of the store in search (this was a new skill she’d recently attained – she had a lot of friends but they didn’t TEACH her a damned thing) and popped over.

The entire store was like a wonderland, and the place went on a short list of places I refused to tell anyone I knew about – because I didn’t want them buying up all the cool stuf I couldn’t afford. But this dress – OH it was OUT OF REACH. SOOO expensive (I think it was about 1k).  I went home kinda bummed, but not all that surprised. (OKAY YES IT WAS ME!)

So then the next week, when I noticed everyone putting on “period” style pieces for a huge party we were going to at the Moulin Rouge, I lamented this dress. And my friend Jennifer Lemmon said “Well how much is it?” And I told her, wistfully, and said I was saving up for it.

Of course, she dropped the 1k on me and insisted I go buy it immediately for the party.

So I did.

And felt like a princess all night as I danced the night away at what was one of my favorite places at that time, the Moulin Rouge.

So there you go. I saw it in a Magazine – and just had to have it. Guess magazine advertising DOES work, even though I never really think about it anymore…….this dress is a a great example.

I Only Wish I Had the PXL Creations Grace to Wear Back In The Day

I Only Wish I Had the PXL Creations Grace to Wear Back In The Day

Fashion Details

***Bold R Indictes Review Items***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations – GRACE in FAIR – Rose lips R
  • Dress including Hat – Indyra Originals – Madamoiselle Dumont in Rose
  • Shoes – Indyra Originals – Coquette Noir – in Rose
  • Eyes – EarthStones – Amethyst – Dark
  • Hair – Laqroki – Classic 2 (this one is marked down to 100L now for the fatpack)

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